War Diaries – 28th July 1943

Brigade HQ – SICILY.

0700 Sicily sighted.

0915 MT Transport unloading on beach (J0920) and MT and personnel proceeded to concentration area (J0620) Cassibile, with the exception of Brigade Major’s party, otherwise all Brigade HQ. MT and personnel were in concentration area by 1600hrs.

1600 Captain Nightingale ((BTO) received orders to proceed to 78 Division concentration area Mineo (H6152) at once.

1745 Brigade HQ left concentration area (J0620) and proceeded to Mineo (H6152) via Floridia (J0232) and Palazzolo (H8030).

2045 Convoy halted about 5 miles past Palazzolo and Captain Nightingale (office in charge of convoy) was advised by CMP control that to proceed in the hours of darkness (lights not allowed) was extremely dangerous owing to the precipitous nature of the route; in consequence, Brigade HQ leaguered for the night in area (H7735).


0830 Convoy beached about twelve miles south of Syracuse. Bttns marched about five miles along an extremely dusty road to 78th Division assembly area. CO went straight on forward to meet Brigadier at Mineo.

1430 Bttn’s MT moved.

1600 Marching personnel left assembly area in 3 tonners.

6 Innisks – SICILY.

Balance of Rifle Coys landed and joined coys in Divisional assembly area. All coys lofted on 3 tonners and moved to Albospino (Sicily 269. 5273).

1300 Transport and remaining personnel disembarked from LST on Amber Beach (Sicly 269. 0515) and moved to Divisional assembly area.

1445 R & A groups leave for Albospino.

1600 Reminder of Bttn less carriers leave for Albospino. Bad roads over mountains mostly at night. Total distance 97 miles.

2 LIR.

1100 Battalion landed at Bay of Ochrina – about 10 miles South of Syracuse and marched from beach to Divisional concentration areas.

1630 Battalion left by transport via Floridia, Palazzolo, Biccher, Vizzini and Mineo. Battalion bivouaced for night 2 miles north of Mineo.