War Diaries – 26th July 1943

Brigade HQ – SOUSSE.

1130 Brigade HQ moved from assembly area to Sousse docks to embark. HQ was split up to three parties; Brigade Major, BTO (Captain Nightingale), and OC, Signals Section (Captain Parsons). Personnel and vehicles were distributed accordingly on three different MT carrying vessels. Loading was completed by 1600hrs, and the vessels lay off Sousse, until the convoy sailed, approximately at midnight.


0000 Transport serials left camp to embark on LST.

0400 Transport loaded with no mishaps.The ship was found to be fairly uncomfortable – each man had a bed below decks, and there was ample room for walking about on deck, despite the vehicles.

Marching serials went aboard LCIs during the evening. The allotment of ships for the Bttn was one LST and four LCIs.

Convoy sailed.

6 Innisks – SOUSSE.

Remainder of Bttn wth assault scales of transport embarked at Sousse port. All transport and HQ and S Coy personnel on an LST. Balance of Rifle Coy personnel on LCI.

2300 Convoy sailed.

2 LIR.

1800 Battalion left camp and marched to docks at Sousse.

2000 Battalion embarked on LST and LSIs.

2100 Convoy formed up off shore.