War Diaries – 1st July 1943

Brigade HQ – HAMMAMET.

1430 General Montgomery addressed all the Officers of the Division. Apart from welcoming us to 8th Army, he outlined his general philosophy of warfare: a) All now failures. b) Limit scope to what you command. c) Wait until you are 100% ready.


Bttn exercise. Object to practise Bttn in daylight attack. Enemy supplied by R Company.

1800 Discussion for all officers and NCOs down to the rank of platoon sergeant on Bttn exercise.

6 Innisks – HAMMAMET.

1500 General Montgomery lectured officers of 78 Division. Lt Hanna returned from hospital after illness. QGH Radice CF joined Bttn vice GCL Mitchell CF.

2 LIR.

0530 Battalion HQ HQ Company and Support Company on Route March approx 10 miles

Remainder of Companies on Company Training.

1430 General Montgomery lectures all officers of the Division.

1730 Captain Robb lectures to the whole Battalion on Prisoners of War