Brigade HQ – SOUSSE.

Brigade HQ, Bttns, Support Group, 152 Field Ambulance, and 214 Field Company RE moved to new area south of Sousse (P6248) via Kalaa Apira (P5251), Sousse ((P5952) move commenced at 2015hrs. Marching personnel went by direct route across country.

2300 Brigade HQ established P629483.


A quiet day. Bttn receive orders to move to a new area nearer the sea.

1300 Bttn set out on foot for new area, about four miles south of Sousse on the coast road.

6 Innisks – HAMMAMET.

1600 Bttn marches to new area. Halt 2300-2359hrs for tea.

2 LIR.

1730 Battalion moves to new area nearer the coast.

2000 Battalion HQ established at 632478 (Sheet 57 Tunisia I/50000).