16th January

Brigade HQ – SAN CLEMENTE 9928.

Enemy activity was mainly confined to continued harassing of Point 156 throughout the morning. Nebelwerfers were again active on 2 LIR front early in the morning. Visibility was at an absolute minimum all day to dense fog. Heavy frost during night.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

0510 No 12 Platoon B Coy report Nebelwerfer firing on as bearing of 116 degree. Passed to Counter Mortar Officer.

0515 No 12 Platoon report another Nebelwerfer. Bearing 74 degrees. Bearing from C Coy 85 degree.

0610 Bren Gun Group established forward of B Coy.

0715 C Coy report: Patrol to Black Ridge saddle, heard voices and movement at Tamagnin. C Coy send Patrol to foot of Black Ridge.

0810 Battle Patrol snipers return. Visibility nil, thick mist.

0825 C Coy Patrol return. Nothing to report.

0830 Battle Patrol snipers go out again.

1230 Snipers from Battle Patrol returns to C Coy. Visibility nil.

1730 Battle Patrol go out down Black Ridge to Tamagnin.

2130 Lieut Trainer, Battle Patrol Commander, returns to C Coy HQ. Reports reaching stream junction at Tamagnin. Tamagnin not occupied. Challenging by sentries and movement heard at Point 166 and movement on lower slopes of Antrim.

3” mortars engage Point 166 and Antrim. 4.2” mortars engage Point 166.


0100 Forward house report Spandau firing from bushes area 018287 continuously since 0030 hrs.

0135 E Coy patrol in from Point 358. Occasional talking heard from enemy Point 342. One verey light was fired from Point 342 while E Coy patrol was being relieved.

0500 Three large Nebel projectiles reported landed in front of G Coy Platoon on Point 207.

0520 G Coy Platoon in Forward House report enemy Spandau giving trouble as it fires on road. Six mortar bombs put down on area of Spandau.

0630 Two buglers blew long Reveille in forward coy area.

0730 Sitrep: 100 mortar bombs on area Point 156 between 1930 and 2030 hrs. Continuous MG and mortar fire of forward bttn area. 0500 – 0600 hrs ten projectiles fell in Sasso area. No casualties.

0800 Intentions night 16/17: All night standing patrols at 013297, 012286 and 015289. Patrol to culvert 016288. Out – 0530, In – first light. Recce patrol to area 014296. Out – first dark, In – 2300 hrs.

1200 Command of bttn passed from Lt Col HEN Bredin DSO MC to Major JD Stewart MBE.

1700 Officer reinforcements arrived Forward Bttn HQ – Lt JHC Taylor (Lincs), Capt RL Yarr (RA), Capt RA Durward (RA), Lt MC Murphy (RA), Capt JA Berry (RUR), Lt WH Green-Armytage (RA).

1730 Pioneer Platoon proceed to forward house for purpose of sandbagging and otherwise strengthening the position.

1800 Sitrep: Quiet day. NTR.

2300 Eight mortar bombs fell in G Coy area.

2325 Recce patrol (Battle Patrol) returned. NTR.

17th January

Brigade HQ – SAN CLEMENTE 9928.

Casa Tamagnin reported unoccupied but signs and sounds of enemy at Point 166 and Antrim. This activity was mortared by 2 Innisks. An enemy patrol of 4 men was observed at 005300 and dispersed by MG fire. Sounds of hilarity was heard by a patrol to the culvert 016287 coming from a haystack at 018288. The patrol went past the culvert but found no other signs of the enemy. A very slight fall of snow during the night. Commander and other officers of HQ 338 Regiment US Army were entertained at Brigade HQ. 2 Innisks were relieved by 1 RIrF in left sector. 2 Innisks to Travellata and come under command 11 Brigade. Lt Col J Coldwell Horsfall leaves 1 RIrF pending posting to AFHQ. Lt Col M Palmer remains Commander of 1 RIrF.

1 RIrF – 003300.

Reverted to 8th Army Command.

2210 Relieved 2 Innisks.

2250 Lt J Beamish returned from contacting 1/338 US Regiment on our left.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

0030 B Coy report that at 2030 hrs, four enemy approached the positions in the same area as before. A Bren gunner opened fire when enemy were approx 100 yards away. Enemy scattered and ran away.

0700 OC B Coy reports. Patrol sent out to examine enemy tracks returned and reported enemy did not cross the Dannert wire in front of the coy.

1400 CO and O Group RIrF arrive to take over from bttn.

1645 Bttn HQ and B Coy relieved.

1930 C Coy relieved.

2230 A Coy relieved.

Bttn moved by route march to 11 Brigade reserve area at Trevallata and came under command of 11 Brigade at 6 hours notice to move.


0030 MG fire on Forward House from enemy held Sillaro area.

Own MMGs and mortars retaliated.

0045 Enemy MG again opened up.

0215 Right flanking bttn (5 Northants) contact patrol reported to H Coy.

0620 Sitrep: E Coy report persistent light mortaring from 2200 to 2300 hrs. Direct hit on one trench. No casualties. Patrol to Point 358. NTR.

0700 E Coy sniper patrol out to 011295. Time in – 1100 hrs.

1000 Intentions night 17/18: Normal contact patrols between E and H Coys. Standing Patrol from  E Coy on Point 358 and from H Coy on knoll 015290. All night ambush patrol to 009286. 1 and 4 from Battle Patrols to area south of culvert. Out – first dark, In – 2100 hrs. Listening patrol to culvert from Point 156 (provided by G Coy). Out – 0430 hrs, In – first light.

1800 Sitrep: 1030 – Three enemy seen digging in area of haystack. 1100 – One enemy in front of haystack sniped at and believed killed. 1115 – One enemy on track between haystack and main road sniped at and wounded. 1600 – Two enemy seen area Point 278 machine gunned and went to ground.

1815 G Coy tested their weapons.

2100 Patrol to area south of culvert returned. They reported that our mortaring of river areas at 1945 hrs produced some screams. Otherwise NTR.

2345 MMGs report 12 enemy moving up gully towards Lucca area (E Coy HQ area).

18th January

Brigade HQ – SAN CLEMENTE 9928.

Four PoW captured by 2 LIR standing patrol at 009291. They formed a patrol apparently sent out to capture a prisoner. All four came from 2 Coy 3 Para Regiment.

1200 Enemy seen near haystack 019289 and sniped.

2130 An enemy patrol approached the left forward positions 1 RIrF and after a short engagement with SA and grenades was dispersed. Enemy mortaring of area 008287 from 2000 to 2200 hrs.

1 RIrF – 003300.

1000 Bttn HQ visited by 2.i.c. 85 US Division and OC 338 US Regiment.

2137 Enemy patrol in area 004302 dispersed after brisk exchange of grenades and TSMG fire. DF brought down.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

1000 CO visits coys.

1300 CO and Adjutant visit 11 Brigade HQ and are given details of counter attack role for bttn.


0010 E Coy report no enemy in their area.

00015 Six bombs from 15cm Nebel fell in G Coy area. No casualties.

0525 Contact patrol between E and H Coys captured 4 enemy. Identifications believed to be 2 Coy, 1 Bttn, 3 Regiment, 1 Para Division.

0737 E Coy fired MMGs at enemy seen in area between Basin and Sillaro.

1000 Intentions night 18/19: H Coy to relieve E Coy. Knoll and ambush patrols – first dark to 0100 hrs by Battle Patrol and 0100 hrs to first light by E Coy. E Coy listening patrol to Point 358. Out 1st dark until relieved by H Coy. Normal contact patrols between E and H Coys. Listening patrol (from Battle Patrol) to culvert. First dark – 2200 hrs.

1800 CO makes application to 38 Brigade HQ for Sonic (Propaganda broadcasting) troops to be brought up into bttn area.

1830 Sitrep: One enemy seen in trench in haystack area 019289 sniped. Two stretcher bearers under Red Cross flag later carried a body away.

2025 Intercoy relief completed. H Coy now in position at Lucca.

2030 G Coy report that enemy mortaring set fire to ammo in area 008287.

2200 Enemy continues to harass area 008287. CO lays down counter mortar action.

19th January

Brigade HQ – SAN CLEMENTE 9928.

Three enemy were seen in the gully 004308 and dispersed by grenades. The day was extremely quiet. The sun came up during the day but a cold north wind kept the temperature down. The only activity was the usual harassing fire of 2 LIR area at about 1645 hrs. There was some slight shelling of Boston Byway at the same time.

1 RIrF – 003300.

0145 C Coy (Capt L Manson MC) report having fired on enemy patrol of three men area 018310.

2225 Contact patrol with US on left established.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

1200 Brigade Commander visits  Bttn HQ.

1600 Due to thaw and rain ford at Clemente becomes impassable.

1900 Ford at Clemente becomes passable and A Coy rations are ferried across.


0700 Sitrep: Reserve and left forward coys changed over without incident. Culvert patrol 017288 reports sound of work (riveting) from area right of haystack 019289.

1000 Intentions night 19/20: All night standing patrols to knoll (E Coy) and Point 358 (H Coy) and a Pendulum Patrol by E Coy, points of call being Point 156, culvert 014286, trenches 012286 and Point 165. Half an hour at each point. Battle Patrol ambush to culvert 017288, all night and recce forward at 0400 hrs to establish presence of enemy or otherwise in face of scrub area 018287. Destruction of haystack at first light (subject to confirmation with 11 Brigade).

Knoll patrol to prepare new positions on top of knoll and to recce new route to it from Valley Farm.

1640 Heavy enemy artillery and mortar barrage for 10 mins on G and H Coys and Bttn HQ areas.

1800 Sitrep: 1640 hrs – 20 enemy shells in bttn area caused 2 slight casualties. Area Point 165 mortared at 1730 hrs. Bttn instituted a counter mortar shoot on known enemy positions.

20th January

Brigade HQ – SAN CLEMENTE 9928.

Quiet night on the whole. Some 12cm mortar bombs landed at Casa Corniano 013286 at 0030 hrs. extremely quiet day. No enemy activity.

1 RIrF – 003300.

0700 D Coy (Capt Wilton) report tracks indicate enemy patrol in our FDLs last night.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

1100 CO visits coys. The day was spent in cleaning weapons and generally cleaning up.


0600 IO, Signal Officer and coy representatives left Bttn HQ on recce of new positions on right flank of Sillaro. Intentions being to take over this sector (Monte Spaduro) after bttn has had 4 days rest in Castro San Martino.

0730 Sitrep: Quiet night. Slight mortaring bttn area. Recce from Battle Patrol reports scrub at 018288 not occupied by enemy.

1000 Intentions night 20/21: E Coy – knoll, pendulum and contact patrols. G Coy patrol to culvert. H Coy normal patrol to Point 358. Trip flares laying party (Pioneer Platoon) to culvert. Out – first dark, In – On Completion. G Coy to provide covering party of 1 and 4.

1800 Sitrep: Quiet day. NTR.

2000 Representatives from right flanking bttn (5 Northants) visited Bttn HQ for information in regard to enemy reactions from our side if 5 Northants attacked enemy outposts at Casa Tromba.