Enemy booby trapped Goubellat.

am Brigade Major visited HQ 6th Armoured Division.

A sitrep transmitted by the I.O., 1 RIrF on Brigade command net was repeated back to him in German. The incident was unexplained but served as a reminder to all against careless security in W/T conversations.

38 Command CO No 7 (in amplification of O.O. No 5 Dec 1st) was issued.

As indicated in GOC’s conference of 1st Jan, digging, wiring and mining was to proceed at once and immediate and deliberate tank counter attacks were provided for.


A detailed account of the events of night given in Appendix.

A detailed account of the events of patrols given in Appendix.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0900 Brigade Major arrives with RE officer. Daly and party consisting of 3 carriers and pioneer Sgt go out to collect Teller mines from near cross roads at Goubellat. This is mainly for the purpose of bringing back the mines to distribute around the Brigade. No one seems to know a lot about Teller mines although all the Pioneers did a course with REs in Scotland.

Lieut Duke returned last night with lorry load of NAAFI stores about 100 cigarettes per man, beer, whisky, gin and sweets. 2.i.c. and he have busy day breaking bulk and distributing.

1800 It is decided to move Bttn HQ to command post at top of the hill in Goubellat. Although wet, CO car is taken up, also CO carrier. CO car will act as forward link when W/T on 19 set is opened up and carrier as rear link. The carrier is well dug in and can be used by night with lights.

Pioneers have been busy and beside our command post have built a fair signal office for adjutant staff. Lighting is laid on by signals and everyone is comfortable and much digging is still going on. The signal exchange is well established dug in on side of the hill.

A very cold and wet evening. Ground soon became very muddy/

1800 Lieut Page sets out with 20 ORs on patrol to seek out enemy, get prisoners and inflict casualties. If patrol successful before reaching objective to return (time 36 hrs).

Fusilier Frank Lunn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

1800 Captain Grant and section of G Company on 36-hour patrol to 7716 (Patrol Indigo).

1800 Lieutenant Pottinger and section of G Company on 36-hour patrol to 7415 (Patrol Scarlet).

1800 Lieutenant Cowdy and section of H Company on standing patrol to 578192.

1900 One officer and four other ranks of E Company patrol area locally.

2359 One officer and four other ranks of G Company patrol area locally.