Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Tanks again were head to the east. 3 Grenadier Guards continued laying mines in front of their position on pt 279.

1 RIrF relieved 6 Innisks on Grandstand without incident.

Two Corporals of 3 Grenadier Guards on recce to Barka failed to return. A note on enemy night tank activity appears at Appendix 47.

Patrol body between 38 Brigade and 5 Northamptons was fixed at 14 Gridline. A directive on patrolling with tracing of patrol areas was sent to Bttns and 152 Field Regiment.

6 Armoured Division O.O. No 9 was received. “36 Brigade will hold rd block O.677877 on road Robaa – Pont du Fahs and road Si Said O 6781 to road junction 7173”.

A letter was issued on the establishment of Brigade Battle HQ. “Brigade Battle HQ will be established in area 640076 by 2300hrs 24 Jan’43.


An account of the activities of the night is given in the Appendix.

0200 The Bttn was reported completely installed in new area and disposition as shown in the Appendix. The only interference or threat of it being the sound of a tracked vehicle manoeuvring about 2 miles to the east of Grandstand Hill.

The daylight hours were spent in tidying up the takeover by daylight. The position was…shelled but no damage to personnel caused.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0100 Enemy track vehicle heard to the north of Grandstand.

0115 C Coy take over complete.

0120 Take over complete reported to Brigade.

0345 Bttn now in new position on left of road. B Coy on pt guarding road and right flank. A Coy in centre and C Coy on left with D now only 50 strong in reserve and guarding the rear with counter attack role.

A quiet day. CO spends day going round positions and OPs and checking up Mortar and Vickers tasks.

2 LIR.

56 reinforcements arrived.

Digging, wiring and mine laying, as usual on company positions.

Own artillery firing periodically during day and night.