Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Brigade Commander continued his detailed reconnaissance with CRA.

1240 Order was received that no vehicles be used on recces east of Grid line 65 between north roadway Pont Du Fahs – Bou Arada and south grid line 97. The object was to hide the intention of an armoured thrust towards Pont Du Fahs (Appendix 36).

During the day, there was considerable amount, indicating reinforcements of infantry, artillery and possibly tanks NW from Pont Du Fahs towards area 7115 (Appendix 37).

1900 Capt CPJD O’Driscoll, 1 RIrF, arrived at Brigade HQ to take up the appointment of SC.

1 RIrF – HILL 329 (Squares 6308 and 6408).

0200 The majority of the transport having been offloaded returned to a rear harbour. The Bttn, incl C & D Coys, whose former position when under command 26 Armoured Brigade had been taken over by 6 Innisks earlier in the night being completely installed as shown on attached trace.

0930 CO left for Brigade O Group.

1300 CO returned and called a Bttn O Group conference at which a night attack on Two Tree Hill was discussed.  The basis of the CO’s appreciation was the problem of a) keeping direction onto the objective at night b) putting such few decisions as can be made at night into effect. A plan was mooted by which D Coy should get onto the objective, in the guise of three strong fighting patrols and that when they signalled their success the remainder of the battalion should follow up and occupy that feature, also ONE TREE HILL (688088) and Three Tree Hill (688096). Many difficulties were foreseen and plans to overcome these were discussed in detail. As a result of this, OC D Coy decided to take his 2.i.c. and go that night to Two Tree Hill and recce a) their best line of advance b) a suitable start line. The I.O. was also to go out and discover a forward concentration area for the remainder of the Bttn to await D Coy’s success signal.

1800 Lieut PG Black and Lieut RV Dudley-Clarke reported and were posted to A and D Coys respectively. Capt JMO Barstow was posted to be 2.i.c. A Coy and Capt RM Cunningham reported to command HQ Coy. Capt CPJD O’Farrell left to take up the appointment of Staff Captain 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade and Lieut DN Jefferies assumed the appointment of 2.i.c. D Coy. Lieut RCP Jefferies promoted Captain and appointed Adjutant.

2050 OC and 2.i.c. D Coy started out on their patrol.

2110 I.O. started on his patrol.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

The day is spent wiring and mining the position. The Bttn area is shelled.

2 LIR.

0200 Battalion crossed start point. Other units in support 17th Medium Royal Artillery 152 Forward Regiment. 72 anti-tank.

0600 Battalion HQ established on farm 505987.

1800 Battalion moves to new forming up area. Arrived 2000 hrs. Battalion HQ established farm 615015.