Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Patrols had no local contact, but reverse slopes Two Tree and Three Tree Hill were reportedly strongly held.

Brigade Commander and Brigade Major were engaged in reconnaissance area Grandstand (6507) for forthcoming attack.

1600 Divisional Commander visited this HQ to discuss details of the attack. Battalion commanders attended later for the same purpose.

On this day, Battery 12 RHA moved into position 649062 – 649058.

1800 Little movement was reported on the front during the day (Appendix 35). RA 6 Armoured Division’s O.O.s 6 and 7 were received. The intention was to deploy preparatory to supporting the attack of 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade and to “provide for the adequate artillery support of the Medjez position during the absence of that portion of the artillery required to support operations in the Bou Arada area”.

A report on 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade front up to 14 Jan was sent to II/8 RCT and 5 Northamptons reported to 6 Armoured Division.


0300 Tail of Bttn column arrived in new position.

0930 Bttn O Group conference near which the arrangements for a move that same night into a position in Bou Arada were discussed and a description of the attack on Two Tree Hill by 6 Innisks was given.

1010 Bttn O Group and guide parties moved forward to recce Bttn position in area Bou Arada where, the O Group having completed their recce and returned to El Aroussa, the guide parties returned to await the arrival of the Bttn.

1845 Bttn Column passed SP (El Aroussa).

2000 Bttn debussed in Bou Arada, the transport driving on up to the position and the troops marching. The transport and the marching troops were met at the road junction 647076 by guides who led them into position.

Fusilier Frederick Woodley, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Bttn spends another day on admin.and prepares to move forward again at dark to take up its old position on Grandstand Hill and relieve 2 coys 1 RIrF and 1 Coy 10 RB. The takeover is completed without incident. The Coy lay out is as follows: A Coy right forward and flank slopes, C Coy along Grandstand ridge facing Two Tree Hill and B Coy left slopes with D Coy behind and across road Bou Arada – Goubellat covering the road and flanks of A and B Coys.

Fusilier Michael McLaughlin, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

2300 5th Battalion Northants (11th Brigade 78 Division) took over battalion area.