Patrols made no contact near are 1 RIrF or west of rd Goubellat – Bou Arada. 40 enemy were reported in Farm 660199. Farm 662173 was still also held.

An account of the battle of 13 Jan and the 26 Armoured Brigade O.O. for the attack are given in Appendix 29.

1500 Brigade HQ moved to new location J5216. This was bare scrub land east of road and vehicles had to be dispersed and well camouflaged with cuttings of coniferous scrubs. The day was wet and there was no air activity.

During the day considerable vehicle movement was observed in area Pont Du Fahs (8706).

1000 A general picture of the Brigade’s front was submitted to 6 Armoured Division (Appendix 30a). Notes on propaganda to the enemy received from 6th Armoured Division. Desertions had already been noticed and it was desired to take advantage of low morale.

1830 Brigade HQ left location 542199 and arrived without incident at new location J 553025 at 2015hrs. Brigade Commander then visited 6 Innisks and HQ 6 Armoured Division.

On departure of Brigade HQ, 2 Lothians came under command 2 LIR in counter attack role.


Patrols were sent out to lie up in the areas track junction 635247, rd and track junction 638255 and Dar Hadj El Manech 6623, and one to move between the first two. Negative reports given by all.

0030 CO & Adjutant returned.

0730 Preparations, including warning order, were made for the move of Bttn.

0830 Commander, 1/18 Bttn Infantry US Army came to Bttn HQ and with CO 1 RIrF arranged for this Btn to take over from 1 RIrF position during 14 Jan ’43 in time to allow 1 RIrF to move out at dusk.

0900 The CO moved off to recce the ground in area Two Tree Hill and observe the progress of the battle. With him, CO HQ Coy to recce HQ concentration area at El Aroussa.

0930 O Group conference with the American Bttn taking over to settle the final arrangements for the handover and the move.

The morning spent packing up.

1300 Bttn guide parties left for El Aroussa where they were to be met by OC HQ Coy.

1800 Troops of 1/18 Bttn Infantry US Army arrived to take over the Bttn position.

2100 Tail of Bttn Column reported clear of old position.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD. 

The Bttn spends the day sorting itself out. All ranks are situated in comfortable farms found for us by 10RB. Brigadier 26 Armoured Brigade and Divisional Commander visit Bttn during afternoon and the story of the battle is gone through on flannel model by various ranks, who were on the spot. The Divisional Commander says a few words to Bttn on the “Good Show” they had put up.

Corporal Samuel Smith, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Lance Sergeant Sidney Wood, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

1100 Commanding officer went to Recce new area.

1620 Day patrol of E Company under Captain Carrigan mortar bombed in area 6314 and took refuge in wadi suffering two casualties.