Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Patrol 6 Innisks captured 3 PoWs of AR 90 at 685124, 0300 27 Jan. PoWs were a line party laying cable to a new CP (Appendix 59).

Farms 654123, 654129, and 672104 were reported occupied.

0035 6 Armoured Division issued an order for 3 Grenadier Guards (then under command 38 Brigade) and 8 A & SH to change stations night 28/29 Jan.

1715 Brigade Intelligence Section complete moved to Command Post.

Lt Lavender, RASC was posted to this Brigade.


An account of the happenings of the night is given in the Appendix.

1130/1150/1230 At each of these times careless movement by R and O Groups of other units into and out of the Command Post OP resulted in a quick concentration of circa 20 heavy mortar shells on Bttn HQ. There were no serious casualties.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Next morning is spent sorting kit and bathing. Afternoon is a kit exchange – weapons checked by Sgt Ganett, carrier Sgt. Boots repaired and studded. Evening spent writing letters, playing cards and reading old newspapers and magazines. Clothes are washed in the stream. Envelopes are in very short supply – only overseas supplies can be obtained from NAAFI. Capt Kendal’s …..never stops playing. QM has good quiet …..going and there is no doubt this 48hrs rest does the men all the good in the world.

2 LIR.

2100 Remainder of H Company move to hill 683 to take up a company position. Task to defend battery to carry out systematic patrolling day and night.

2200 Remainder of battalion less F Company move to foot of hills area 5906. Task – counter attack to north-east should attack come from north-west. Back up H Company should they become involved.

F Company remain in position in role to protect brigade HQ.

2350 Digging in new positions.