6th February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

GOC 78th Division inspects 1 RIrF in the morning. The battalion marched past a saluting base and then the GOC visited billets and inspected training. He stayed to lunch at Brigade HQ and then inspected 2 Innisks in the afternoon. They, too, marched past and billets and training were inspected.


Nothing to Report.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

Most of the morning was spent in preparing for a visit by the Divisional Commander.

1330 The bttn paraded on the road south of the village and awaited the General’s arrival.

1400 The Divisional commander arrived and the bttn, headed by the Bttn Pipe Band, marched by the General who was standing on the saluting base under the Regimental flag. Coys saluted independently as they came up to the saluting base. The General expressed his satisfaction at the Parade.

1500 Transport left for the All Ranks Dance held in Florence. This Dance was extremely well run and the ORs, who had not been to a dance for some time, enjoyed themselves to the full. Dancing was from 1700 hrs to 2130 hrs, owing to the Curfew. The Divisional Commander and the Brigade Commander visited the Dance during the course of the evening.


0800 Bttn bathing at MBU.

Day leave parties to Florence.

Bttn IO, Capt W Gentle, proceeded on leave. Lieut GR Browne took over duties of IO.

7th February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

GOC 78 Division inspects billets and training 2 LIR. There was no march past.

General GF Keightley, Commander 5 Corps, arrived at Brigade HQ and lunched there, along with GOC 78 Division.


Advance party left for Forli..

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

Normal routine was the order of the day. Coy continued to check weapons.

Bttn snipers were tested and their rifles tested and zeroed.


1200 Divisional Commander arrived on tour of inspection of bttn area.

E Coy area visited.

1225 Divisional Commander arrived Bttn HQ.

1900 ORs’ dance at Caldine.

8th February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

Orders for move to 5 Corps area issued.

A villa was obtained quite close to Florence for use by all officers in the brigade.


Move Order No 12 issued. Brigade Move Order No 1 now received.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

0700 Advance party, under the command of Major Blake MC, left for new bttn area at Forli.

Coys continued their normal allotment of day leave passes to Florence.

The bttn snipers put in some practice with their rifles.

1900 The Regimental Dance Band played in the wet canteen.


0800 Advance party of 2 officers and 45 ORs proceeded to new area at Forli.

Day leave parties to Florence.

Issue of kit deficiencies etc.

9th February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

0600 Brigade HQ and 1 RIrF move to Forli and came under command 5 Corps.

Remainder of brigade remains present location.

Brigade Commander goes direct to 5 Corps HQ.

1 RIrF – FORLI 4515.

Bttn moved to Hitler Barracks, Forli where we took over from Italian 87th. Buildings and grounds indescribably filthy. Orders issued re cleaning the area, a monumental task.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

Normal day leave, the last from this area.

Coys were now beginning to make their preliminary arrangements for the bttn move on the 11th February.

WOs and NCOs of the bttn now at a CRU came up to the bttn on a visit and also to see if there was any chance of their coming back to join permanently.

1700 The Regimental Pipe Band played Retreat in Florence and attracted a great deal of attention from the civilian population, who have never got used to seeing kilts.

The Regimental Dance Band was lent to the 2 LIR for their dance in Florence at which the CO and three other officers of the Inniskillings were invited


0800 Day leave parties to Florence.

2000 Office party and dance at Bttn HQ. Corporal’s dance in Caldine.

10th February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

0500 Brigaded carriers move to Forli via Faenza.

Brigade Commander returns to Brigade HQ.

1 RIrF – FORLI 4515.

Recce for training area. Bttn engaged in cleaning buildings and grounds.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

0300 Reveille for Unit carriers and personnel travelling with them.

0500 Carriers moved off under the command of Captain PL Hamilton who was also in charge of the whole brigade carriers. These travelled on a 2nd class road to Faenza and then down Route 9 to Forli.

0600 The QM and his staff and stores vehicles left for Forli, followed at intervals by the stores’ vehicles of the coys.

1100 CO’s Conference to discuss the final points of the move.

The bttn spent the remainder of the day in preparing for the main move on the 11th. Advance party of the 1st East Surreys arrived and these were to take over the billets when we left.


0800 Day spent in preparations for move to Forli.

Carriers proceeded to Forli.