1st February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

Brigade Commander visits 1 RIrF bttns carry out administrative duties. 1 RIrF held an Officers’ Dance in Florence, which proved a successful events.


1st /2nd  – Nothing to Report.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

Coys were busy making their billets more comfortable and generally cleaning up.

1030 Many changes were made in bttn appointments and commands and these were made at a special conference held by the Commanding Officer.

Two cinema performances were given, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  150 men travelled to Florence in unit transport on day pass. Of these, 120 were allowed meals in Florence Command cafes. The others were able to obtain meals in EFI and NAAFI clubs.


0700 Bttn still in locations as follows: Bttn HQ – 023257. E Coy – 031253. G Coy – 028262. H Coy – 031257.

Sitrep: Quiet day and night. Patrol to Boschi , In – 2330 hrs. Recced to 250 yards north of Boschi. Fairly well worn track on west side of minefield. Taking and stamping of feet heard from house. Patrol Commander then returned to gully and recced to stream junction 042274. No sound heard from high ground 044274. Haystack at 039273 investigated. No signs of enemy but old tracks.

1200 Intentions 1/2: Normal contact patrol to 5 Northants (G Coy). Out – 2030 hrs. Ambush Patrol 1 and 6 (E Coy) to Casalino. Out – first dark, In – 2300 hrs. Checking of own minefields – moonlight until completion.

Died on this Day:

Rifleman Thomas Warren, London Irish Rifles.

2nd February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

Brigade Commander inspected 2 Innisks in their battalion area.

Lt Col Bevan. Commander 152 Field Ambulance, visited Brigade HQ and went on to 1 RIrF.

Lt Col Chadwick- Healey, AA and QMG 78 Division, accompanied by G II visited Brigade Commander.

2 Innisks –BIVIGLIANO.

0900 The daily party for a day’s leave in Florence, went off in time. The system was changed to allow one whole coy to go to Florence for the plus a proportion of HQ Coy. This was designed in order that Coy Commanders would have their whole coys for the other days and so make better progress with the task of refitting and reorganisation.

1030 A/Brigadier (Lt Col TA Preston) visits the bttn and accompanied the CO in a tour of inspections in the area. The Bttn Pipe Band played while he inspected their part of the bttn area.

The Brigadier stayed to lunch with the Commanding Officer.

An Information Room was established in the Recreation Centre and maintained by the Battalion Intelligence Section.

The remainder of the day was quiet; most people taking full advantage of the opportunity to rest and write letters. The Mobile Cinema Unit gave two more showings of the film, “Let The Angels Sing”, one at 1800 hrs and one at 2000 hrs.


0700 Sitrep: Quiet day and night. Casalino patrol report voices and MG firing area Casetta di Sotto. Checking of minefields completed.

1200 Intentions night 2/3: Normal contact patrol to left flanking bttn. Recce patrol 1 and 3 (Battle Patrol) to Boschi. Out – first dark. In – on completion. Route out – gully 032263. Route in: via 038267 and Casa Salara 034263.

3rd February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

Florence day leave parties continue. Bttns carry out administrative duties on company level.


Warning order for move to Forli. Coy officers and senior NCOs carry out wireless exercise.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

The Commanding Officer went away on leave and the 2nd in Command Major PJ Blake MC assumed command of the bttn. Normal routine was carried out through the bttn and the usual day leave party visited Florence.


0700 Sitrep: Quiet day and night. Intermittent MG fire from north and south east of Boschi area on probable DF tasks. Flares in Boschi area at 2200 hrs and 0115 hrs. Patrol to Boschi returned 0030 hrs. Reported coughing and talking in post at about 042273.

1200 Intentions night 3/4: Normal contact patrol to 1 ES. Out 2130 hrs (G Coy).

All night ambush patrols, each 1 and 6: i) Gully 034266 (E Coy). ii) Pimples 037266 (Battle Patrol). iii) Casalino area 036257 (E Coy). Route in and out for all three patrols via Casa Salara 035263.

Died on this Day:

Private Alexander Baxter, London Irish Rifles, attached from ACC.

4th February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

Florence day leave parties continue. 2 LIR relieved by 56 Recce in positions and revert to command 38 (Irish) Brigade.


Nothing to Report.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

0930 A Church Parade for all denominations was held and the whole bttn attended. The Pipe Band played the bttn to the parade ground where the C of E service was held and the RCs marched onto their own service.  The remainder of the day was spent in normal routine.


0700 Sitrep: Quiet day and night. Patrols NTR.

1200 Intentions night 4/5: Local standing patrols to cover relief of bttn by 56 Recce.

1430 Bttn mule teams and no essential personnel left Bttn HQ.

1500 Advance elements of 56 Recce arrived Bttn HQ.

1715 Main body of 56 Recce arrived bttn area.

1930 Relief completed.

5th February

Brigade HQ – L’OLMO 859791.

Brigade Commander visits all battalions in the afternoon to tie up GOC’s visit and inspection. He stayed to tea with 2 LIR.


Order for advance party to move 7 February. Capt EE Maginess MBE on UK leave.

2 Innisks – BIVIGLIANO.

The coys tested automatic weapons and also carried out normal admin checks.

1800 The CO returned from leave.

2000 The Officers’ Mess held a dance, the sisters and nurses from Florence and Borgo San Lorenzo were invited. The Bttn Dance Band provided the music and the evening was voted by all as a great success.


0030 Last TCVs left em-busing point Cuviolo (996227).

0215 Last TCVs joined main bttn convoy, which had halted at Firenzuola.

0245 Bttn convoy moved from Firenzuola.

0530 Bttn established in new area – Caldine.

Locations: Bttn HQ – 856754. E Coy – 861762. G Coy – 842754. H Coy – 842750. S Coy – 836750.

Day spent in rest.