Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Fighting patrols to Barka and Mehallah made no contact, but digging was reported on the forward slopes of Birrebal (6609).

A letter was sent to Bttns fixing the patrol boundary between 6 Innisks and 1 RIrF.

Brigade Command wrote a letter to 6 Armoured Division on the subject of Not Yet Diagnosed (NYD). The letter stated as follows: “It is understood that concern is felt at 21 cases of NYD being evacuated during the action of 2 LIR on 21/22 Jan. This is understandable, but at the same time, I think it is desirable that all concerned should be fully in the picture of the movements of this Bttn prior to the action, and the action itself (and so have the right background).

Brigade Commander also wrote letter to 6 Armoured Division asking that the role of A/Tk Regiment might be changed by a Divisional directive.

6 Armoured Division OO No 12 was received, expressing the intention: “6 Armoured Division will deny the use of the rd Pont Du Fahs – Robaa to the enemy between both including rd junction O7894 – O7687.”

38 Brigade Intelligence Summary was issued.

During the day, considerable vehicle movement was noticed round the farms in the back areas on 38 Brigade front.


The events and activities of this night are given in the Appendix.

Activities and routines were normal except that the diversion which had been postponed was expected to be required during the afternoon.

1900 2/Lt Smith reported on joining and was posted to B Coy as first posting.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD. 

1000 CO Conference of Coy Commanders and Coy deputies. Following patrols laid on for tonight Sgt McAleer and 10 to take fighting patrol to swamp over pt 286 and Barka.

Lt Davidson and 2 ORs to go deep into enemy territory to crossroad J 741051 as opportunity to patrol and recce.

They will be carrying mines and lay them if an opportunity permits.

1030 Brigade Major calls and talks about comms 1st Army one going to run for MMG, 6 pounder A/Tk and then laying and lifting.

1200 Staff Captain calls and CO and Adjutant settle a few points on how to get rid of dud officers – after, it was necessary. Honours and Awards recommendations.

1400 Six Signalmen go to Brigade A Echelon for 7 to 10 day course on the 19 set.

1430 CO visits B Coy in their rest area.

1700 CO sees Lieut Davidson and ties up ends about his patrol.

1730 2.i.c. goes off for 24 hrs rest and bath at Brigade HQ.

We are told to send back to Bone for three deserters. It is decided to send Sgt Salt, orderly room Sergeant, who needs a rest from bumph and typewriters.

It is hoped while there or on the way he may be able to pick up a few comforts – papers, writing paper, envelopes etc – NAAFI supply is not sufficient.

1800 50 men of Bttn HQ and Support Coy go back to rest area – mainly for bath. They will return tomorrow evening.

2 LIR.

1900 Patrol ‘Rags’ to Hir Traifa 640138 – nothing to report.

Standing patrol from dusk to dawn 649088 – nothing to report.

1700 Patrol ‘Bones’ to area point 720 569094, but nothing to report.