Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

An officer’s recce patrol (including an SD officer) went out at 2000 hrs to recce pt 286 and the north end of Barka. It was later learned from a PW that this patrol was captured.

Brigade Intelligence Summary was issued including an account of L/Sgt McAleer’s exploit.

Brigade Commander went on to recce for Commander ‘Y’ Division south of El Aroussa.

0900 L/Sgt McAleer, 6 Innisks, went out to search for missing patrol and brought back two PWs of A.24 from pt 286.

1115 Enemy planes attacked road area 4198. This was the first case of road strafing reported in the area for about 2 months.

1600 Acting on the results of the interrogation, Platoon 6 Innisks made a successful sweep of pt 286, taking 8 PWs, and inflicting 20-30 casualties. A day patrol of 1 RIrF captured 3 PWs of I/HGJR in mountains to north.

A report of the day’s events appeared at Appendix 65.

An appreciation of enemy on ’Y’ Division front was received from Division.


Night quiet – move of Bttn HQ to Wadi 566047 completed without interference.

An account of the happenings of the night is given in the Appendix.

The events of this day are recorded in detail in the Appendix.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Lt Curphey, Lt Bokanowski, Special Detachment 5 Corps and 4 NCOs did not return from patrol last night. We are all sorry indeed to lose Lieut Curphey. He was a Canadian sent out for 3 months to gain experience from the Canadian forces in England. He was a born leader.

0915 OC D Coy received a letter from Sgt McAleer to say he had come out to see if he could find any trace of the patrol. It did not seem very hopeful that he would return from this errand.

0945 Sgt McAleer returned with two fusiliers and a machine gun. His report is attached.

The morning was spent investigating these two prisoners. They were of low morale. Talked freely and with the aid of Major Clarke the Gunner Officer who is an official weapons interrogator and our only German speaking officer we were able to find out all the dispositions of the enemy on pt 286. So much so, it was decided to put a platoon of D Coy over 286 this afternoon. It seemed that the morale of the enemy there was low.

A big artillery programme was fixed with 3 batteries of 25 pounders, mediums and heavies – 4.2” mortars and 3” mortars.

1430 Coordinating conference.

1630 Zero. Story of attack attached.

1730 The party was over and was a great success. Eight prisoners were taken and an estimated 30 killed. Own casualties were one wounded.

1830 Brigade Major arrives with half a bottle to celebrate the success and the Brigadier (Lt-Col Scott) rings up to congratulate us.

It is decided that the patrol programme shall be light tonight. He may be laying something up in store for us. CSM Kerr went off for interview re immediate commission during the morning.

Sergeant Ernest Reid, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

0140 Fighting Patrol Silver to farm 654129. Contacted enemy and put a machine gun out of action. Our own casualties were 2 wounded and 2 missing.

0140 Fighting patrol ‘Gold’ to Stop Farm – nothing to report.