War Diaries – 19th February 1943

Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA. 

Contact was gained at pt 286, which was held by one platoon.

Half a Squadron 17/21 Lancers reverted under command 26 Armoured Brigade and left the area.

Brigade Intelligence Summary was issued.

During the morning, A/Tk practice took place area 4705.

Poor visibility prevented observation from OPs.

2100 A message was sent to Bttns that a S/Sgt from SAS would demonstrate PIAT projector and listen to suggestions for improvement.

C Squadron Derbyshire Yeomanry were placed at 2 hrs notice to rejoin 6 Armoured Division.

Information was received that owing to wet weather C/142 RAC would remain night 19/20 in Divisional reserve El Aroussa.

RA ‘Y’ Division message was received, expressing the intention “to deceive enemy into expecting an attack in Bou Arada sector.”


The events and activities of the night are recorded in detail in the Appendix.

Capt PG Black reported as killed by only un-hit member of his patrol. Lieut MW Sutcliffe wounded.

It was decided that owing to the loss on the same night of the two leaders selected for the ‘Nighthawks’, that the moonlight made patrolling inappropriate, and that as long at any rate that the moon continued in its current phase, patrolling should be confined to deep ‘Standing’ patrols; a moving patrol in the open stood little chance against enemy in dug in positions with heavy automatics on fixed lines, so that the best chance of success was to lie up and catch some of them moving and unprotected.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

1000 Usual daily Conference.

Very wet day. All roads, except the main roads, are impassable to traffic. D Coy come up during evening and relieve B Coy on pt 279. Lt Curfhey, the Canadian, who is in B Coy, however stays with D as he wants to go out patrolling again until he gets a prisoner.

2 LIR.

1800 Patrol ‘London’ to ambush enemy 564091/564105 – nothing to report.