Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA. 

Four 6-pounders of 72 A/Tk Regiment were replaced in forward area by four infantry 6-pounders.

½ Squadron 2 Lothians ceased to be under command and left Brigade area.

Patrol made contact with a position at W Hill 6608. Enemy movement and a probable position were observed on east side pt 286 and in the gully beyond.

Civilians questioned at Farm 617112 affirmed that Germans used wadis to reach hills to the west in daylight and are and slept in W huts. These farmers were convinced that the Germans meant to infiltrate into the hills with a view to attack.

Intelligence Summary was issued.

During the day, more movement of flocks and herds were reported and a series of built up our dug positions appeared on pt 286. There were also signs of a day OP at Mehallah.

0930 Lieut Harrison (Brigade IO) recced a concentration area for two Bttns between Gafour and El Aroussa. This had to be done in case Brigade was relieved on present position.

1030 Col Green, Commander 18 CT visited this HQ. He was recce-ing a counter attack role as 18 CT had been taken from Mezjez area into Corps reserve

2030 Brigade Commander, Brigade Major, Staff Captain and Commander 152 Field Regiment held a conference to discuss the problem of supplying and commanding troops on 6 Armoured Divisional front. It was possible that HQ 6 Armoured Division would move south leaving Brigade Command to control a force consisting of 38 Brigade, 1 Parachute Brigade, 10 Rifle Brigade, 17/21 Lancers (less one squadron), 152 Field Regiment and remainder Divisional Artillery.


The events and activities of the night are recorded in the Appendix.

Normal activity – nothing to report.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD. 

1000 Patrolling Conference.

Pioneers busy preparing Bttn HQ.

2 LIR.

1845 Patrol ‘Daisy’ to lie up in ambush area 209 (wadi and track) – nothing to report.

1900 Patrol ‘Rose’ to track 618128 via wadi 614127 – nothing to report.