Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA. 

No movement was seen west of the main road. A line party was seen on south west slope of Barka and contact with an enemy dug position was gained on south slope Ploughtop.

Brigade Intelligence Summary was issued. This included met chart for February, which was found useful in planning night patrols, and a topographical report on the Goubellat Plain.

0100 Five Canadian Officers arrived this HQ for posting to Bttn. All the Canadian Officers in this theatre had come from units training in England and were to be attached to units and formations in Tunisia for a period to gain experience.

During the day, activity was observed in area 6612 and Arabs were calling (presumably cattle dealing) at Farm 718154 on their eastward journey. There was some unidentified activity around Farm 617112, which was to become an enemy HQ on 26 Feb.

1530 Brigade Commander visited 6 Innisks.

1830 Canadian Officers left this HQ on posting to Bttns.

½ Squadron 2 Lothians came under command 38 Brigade, as ordered.

A message was received from 6 Armoured Divisions that “there are indications of a possible enemy thrust westward in the next three days.” The information was passed to Bttns.

Brigade letter was sent in reply to Divisional letter calling for report on AFVs (Appendix 33).

6 Armoured Division Intelligence Summary contained an explanation of the Arab exodus which had been noted on 12 Feb.  “Enquiries about Arab exodus reveal that the Germans are offering 55 francs a day for working behind the lines, with facilities for buying salt, olive oil, tobacco and clothes. It may be that the Germans, finding the Arabs, having been giving away their positions, have been adopting various methods of removing them from the combat areas.


The events and activities of the night are recorded in the Appendix.

0640 Two recces took place concurrently, one of 2.i.c. and D Coy commander, and the second of CO, OCs A & B Coys and Mortar Officer finally to determine the method of holding Grandstand with two coys only

1830 Work on the transforming of positions already dug into a new two coy defensive position with interconnected section posts (also if possible with communication by trench to platoon HQ in order to cover every approach with fire commenced).

2000 OC D Coy and IO with an RE recce party tied up the details of the broadening of minefield from the front of Grandstand southward to 120 feet.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Another day of administration. No conference and no movement during hours of light. Warning order issued from Division of possible enemy thrust west from Pont Du Fahs to Bou Arada in next three days. All coys warned. Fine day with drying wind.

2 LIR.

0930 Commanding Officer’s conference. Move tonight CHQ E Company and 1 platoon same area. 1 platoon E Company to 16 Platoon area. 1 platoon to H Company’s area, Company HQ H Company to wadi 6307 (part of counter attack force under 2-in-C). G and F Companies same position. 2 anti-tank guns in battalion HQ area.

1900 Fighting patrol ‘Salt’ to farm 617112 but nothing to report.  

2000 Battalion HQ at farm 638078 BHQ transport and carriers in Olive grove 624077. H Company in position in wadi 634014.