Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

There were no patrols east of the main road and no sign of enemy west of the road.

Intelligence Summary was issued. This included at Appendix 1 a note on Marsch Bttns and HGJR as well as a sketch showing enemy dispositions and order of battle in Tunisia.

During the day, a marked exodus of Arabs taking families, household goods, flocks and herds was noted was noted east of the Brigade positions. Several reasons were advanced, the most likely of which appeared to be that enemy were requisitioning all livestock and ordering it to the rear.

6 Armoured Division letter “25 pounder Base Ejection Propaganda Shell” was received. It was emphasised that the morale of some Germans and most Italians in Tunisia was low, and that if the gravity of the Axis positions could be brought home to the enemy on our front, desertions might well increase.

6 Armoured Division order was received that Squadron 16/5 Lancers under command 38 Brigade would be relieved by ½ squadron 2 Lothians. Coy resting in area 5704 to come into Divisional reserve. Letter received from 6 Armoured Division stating that First Army recommended a ¾ ton jeep as suitable for towing the 6 pounder.

1500 Brigade Commander and Divisional Commander visited the Bttns; as a result of his tour, the Divisional Commander consider that 6 Innisks should have an urgent priority for wire and step were made to procure an additional allotment that night.

1830 CRA visited Brigade HQ.


The events of the night are recorded in detail the Appendix.

This day and the following were ordained by 6 Armoured Division as “no movement days.”  No troops on road, no guns firing, no non essential movement on foot was permitted and wireless silence was imposed.

1703 Four ME Fighter Bombers dropped one 1000kg bomb each, twice in area 626079 and one area 636088. No casualties suffered by the Bttn.

1800 CO and 2.i.c. made a half light recce of Grandstand Hill to determine how best to hold it with only two Coys.

1900 Bttn O Group Conference on the “pulling out” of one Coy. It was eventually decided in general terms to hold the hill from each end and withdrawing the centre – forward slope Coy.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Today and tomorrow are to be no movement days. No vehicles. No M/Cs. No movement of men unless absolutely necessary – no wireless except…watch or in operational emergency – no firing of artillery – no AA except low dive bombing.

The day is given over to administration and drying clothes and cleaning.

Six signallers go to Brigade for course of 19 set.

Two detachments A/Tk platoon go to Brigade for course on 6 pounders. Major Bunch – President FGCM at Brigade HQ.


1645 Messerschmitts bomb areas of G and F Companies. No damage.

1845 Patrol ‘Ham’ to farm 633105 and Wog Huts 638116, nothing to report.

1845 Patrol ‘Beef’ to farm 617112. French farmer said that 4 Germans had driven up to his farm at 1000 hours 12th February.