War Diaries – 11th February 1943

Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

152 Field Regiment carried out HF programme on Brigade front and no patrols were out east of the road. Patrol to Fm 645102 had nothing to report.

Intelligence Summary was issued.

Visibility from day OP was bad, but the usual vehicle movement was observed. Enemy made considerable use of horses and carts. This has been noticeable during the recent wet weather.

On this day, a personal message to all troops from GOC 6 Armoured Division was received.

In consequence of Divisional letter 10 Feb, instructions about No Transport Day were issued to Bttns.


0215  During the night, heavy rains fell and Bttn HQ, which was in a Nullah by 0215 hrs found itself in places up to 5 feet under a roaring torrent. No patrols were sent out and there was nothing further to report.

1000 Bttn HQ reopened in Arab farm 636076 as it was impossible to work in the river. Almost all government and personal property was salvaged.

Corporal Edward Cunningham, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD. 

A very stormy night with heavy rain. The gully we live in is the natural stream for the water from the mountains to travel down. A temporary dam has been made. Will it hold?

0805 The dam bursts and a torrent of water flows down the gully without any warning. For the best account of it, contact ‘Branch of the Sprig’ No 10 dated 11 Feb attached to this diary.

0810 CO has to make a quick plan as how to dispose the 2 Coys and Bttn HQ. The gully is in view of the enemy.

C and D Coys found temporary areas near gully and Bttn HQ moves to RAP.

1030 Brigadier arrives.

A RE Sergeant recces the situation and decides nothing can be done about the dam. A very wet morning is spent salvaging event wetter and very muddy equipment and belongings from the gully.

Bttn HQ remains in the RAP.

Fusilier Joseph Mansfield, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

1400 Brigade to form a counter attack group by taking one company from each battalion. Under commander Major D C J Manners 2nd Battalion London Irish Rifles.

1845 Patrol ‘Sybil’ to farms 642123 – 633105 but had nothing to report.

1900 Patrol ‘Jane’ to 617112, but nothing to report.

Rifleman Arthur Barrett, London Irish Rifles.