Brigade HQ.

0010 Divisional report all bridges over River Sangro closed. Movement forward and back stopped.

0500 Bttns reported quiet night.

0830 1 RIrF reported coy positions Bttn HQ 355129, 354126, 349127, 349129, 350130.

0915 2 LIR reported Bttn HQ at 345106 and coys 339107, 341112, 343116, 345107. Strength 22 and 720.

C Squadron 56 Recce Regiment 347100. Bombline unchanged.

1050 1 Canadian Division report on crossing 345133, 4’ wide and unreliable – probably confused with unmarked tributary and non main river.

1255 6 Innisks locations Bttn HQ 353117. Coys 350118, 353121, 357121.

1415 2 LIR informed of relief by Canadian Division. When relieved to proceed to area 369075.

6 Innisks and 1 RIrF informed of relief. 6 Innisks to go to area 368043 and 1 RIrF 366030 and to recce immediately. C Squadron 56 Recce Regiment to move to area 3606.

1845 D support group 373037.

1910 Foot traffic across Paglieta bridge limited to unit Commanders and above.

1920 1 RIrF reported quiet day, periodic mortaring of forward cots.

1930 254 A/Tk Battery reported concentration area 396046 completed.

1 Canadian Division orders strict economy use of petrol owing to lack of crossings.

2020 6 Innisks reported shelling whilst in forward area, otherwise nothing to report.

2026 Last light Sitrep and intentioned 6 Dec.

2125 38 Brigade Tac HQ closed and joined main Brigade.

1 RIrF.

0200 During the early hrs, two patrols went out under Lt EL Gibbon & Sgt Tristham to recce width & depth  & approaches of R. Moro.  This they did – dimensions 20 x 4, approaches steep with a 12’ slope.  Major HN Holmes to hospital.  Quiet day except for intermittent mortaring of any movement.

1530 At 1530 hrs, a Recce party arrived from the Edmonton Regt, 1 Canadian Div, who were to relieve us during the evening.  Coy dispositions shown to Canadian Coy reps.

2100 Battalion relieved by 2100 hrs & proceeded to old area Rocca by march route.  Casualties Nil & 1 KIA.  Nil & 1 wounded.

Fusilier John Johansen, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Fusilier Roland Turrington, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks.

0130 The Bttn was established at 334097 and 336087. The enemy put down harassing fire on Apollinari throughout the night and also to the right of Bttn HQ.

1600 Warning order was sent out to coys telling them that relief would take place that night after 1800hrs.

1900 Change over with Seaforths completed and code word ENO sent to Brigade HQ.

1930 Bttn left by route march for area 3604 in the following order S, A, B, C, D, Bttn HQ, A Echelon marching personnel joined Bttn as it marched through San Vito.

Lieut Dicker appointed A/Captain, Lieut Schayek awarded MC and CSM Stevenson DCM.

2150 Greatcoats arrived, with the cooks and rations.

The enemy shelled San Vito and river bed causing some vehicle casualties; 15 cwt water truck and staff car damaged by shrapnel. Enemy mortars bombed area spasmodically all day, but without effect.

2330 Bttn arrived at area 3604 and code word Fruit was sent to Brigade HQ.

Hot tea, blankets, greatcoats, and rum was issued.

Lieut Dicker rejoined the Bttn from hospital.

Fusilier Henry Barfoot, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

0600 Battalion spent a quiet night except for spasmodic shelling.

1100 Own artillery shell enemy positions on other side of River Moro.

1330 Enemy aircraft bomb bridge area 368074.

2030 Relief of battalion completed and move back to area of bridge 358075 – a position held two days previously.

2030 Enemy continue to shell San Vito-Rocca area.