Brigade HQ.

The battles of the crossing of the Trigno River and the Battle of the Sangro River are attached as appendix.

1400 Brigade HQ closed Pesche (H 2324) and reopened same time at Forli Del Sannio (1443).

1810 Brigade informed by Division that Mortar Platoon and MMG Platoon D Support Group move to left sector and come under command 38 Brigade.

1 RIrF.

0830 CO, IO, Officer rep per Coy left for Brigade conference at Forli 1448.

1000 Conference with reps 11 Brigade. Battalion will take over from 2 Lancashire Fusiliers (2 LF) in area Castel Di Sangro 0853, road junction 0749, Rionero 1145 during night 31 Dec/1 Jan 44.

1130 Coy reps returned to coys with message for O Group to RV at Rionero 1145 at 1700 hrs.

1400 CO and IO arrived Rionero, saw rep 2 LF and saw billets in Rionero.

1700 O Group arrived Rionero.  Orders for take-over from 2 LF.

1800 Coy commanders returned to coys.  CO and IO to Castel Di Sangro to see CO 2 LF.

2000 CO and IO returned to Rionero.

6 Innisks.

Heavy snow all night produced drifts of 10-12 feet and 4 feet was the average depth.

Heavy snow fell all day. Coys spent day strengthening and wiring defences. Diptheria broke out among RA personnel and these troops were placed in quarantine.

Snow reduced visibility to zero and Bttn OP closed down.

2300 Patrol returned from Guidre.

Captain Joseph Beglin, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Corporal David Marshall, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

0750 Commanding Officer and his O Group move off to Forli.

1200 F and H Companies detachments from HQ & S Companies arrive in Carpinone.

1300 Battalion warned to move to Forli at 1430 hrs. To pass Brigade SP at 1400 hrs.

1415 Battalion embosses and moves off to Brigade SP.

1440 Battalion passes Brigade SP halts on road just below Rionero 1145 until dark. 1 Troop number 10 Belgian Commando joins Battalion convoy and is under command 2 LIR for future operations.

1900 Battalion arrives in Montenero 0545.

Companies move out of take over from forward companies of 5 Northants and B Company 1 East Surreys.