Brigade HQ.

Brigade informed they will relieve 11 Brigade on night 30/31 December. Command passed at time to be mutually arranged between 11 and 38 Brigade.

2030 Bttns informed 2 LIR and 1 RIrF move forward into left sector not before 1200hrs on 30 December. 2 LIR O Group and one officer 1 RIrF RV with 11 Brigade HQ at Forli (146437) 1000hrs.

Road post Motta and Vasto guard of 2 LIR and instructors Brigade Tactical School remain at present location.

Orders for return of 2 LIR personnel to Campobasso to be issued. W/T courses at HQ 2 LIR cancelled.

2220 1 RIrF and 2 LIR warned of impending move and to bring one office guide per coy. 20 TCVs reporting to Bttn areas 1200hrs on 30 December.

Brigade informed by Division that Belgian troop of 10 Commando moving to Montenero on 30 Dec and will come under command of 38 Brigade.

Orders and details for establishment of Brigade Technical School at Sessano (H 2738).

Brigade 3”mortar range established area Carpinone as attached trace.

1 RIrF.

2100 Verbal warning order for move to area Rionero 1145.

6 Innisks.

Some snow fell and visibility was very poor – Mobile Film Unit came up to Capracotta – Divisional Commander and Brigadier came up to Bttn and discussed defences etc. Major BL Bryar appointed Lt-Col in command of 6 Innisks wef 10 December. 2/Lieut Phillips transferred from B Coy and relinquished rank of Captain.

Patrol of one Sergeant and 4 ORs from D Coy with 1 signaller and 1 pioneer was sent to Castel del Guidre (1961). B Coy moved from Vastogiraldi to Capracotta.


1000 Brigadier visits billets in Carpinone.

2000 Warning order received for Battalion Q and O Groups to move to 11 Brigade HQ at Forli for recce of battalion area in Montenero 0545.

Battalion to take over from 5 Northants.

2100 Companies recalled from Campobasso. To report in to Carpinone by 1200 hours 30/13/43.

T/Captain W B B Glasgow (RUR) joined from x(ii) List