Brigade HQ.

COs’ conference at Brigade HQ.

1 RIrF.

1010 Battalion moved in accordance with movement order.

1400 Battalion HQ, HQ, A,B, C Coys reached destination.

1900 D and S Coys reached destinations.

Locations Battalion HQ and HQ Coy Castelpetroso 2828.  A,B,C Coys S. Angelo 3128. D and S Coys S. Maria 3027.

6 Innisks.

Weather still very cold. Movement observed from Bttn OP in Pizzerferrato. 10 (Polish) Commandos sent out a patrol to search woods in the Sangro Valley west of Capracotta, but found no sign of enemy.

Captain Hingston posted to this unit.

Lance Corporal Reginald Hammond, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

0400 Advance parties from F, H, HQ and S companies leave for Campobasso.

1300 E and G companies arrive in battalion area from Campobasso.

1430 Remainder of F Company, H Company and parties from HQ and S companies to monastery billets in Campobasso. It is hoped for them to have three or four days there.

One platoon from H Company under the command of Lt Searles reports to Army HQ in Vasto for Guard duties.

Lance Corporal Alexander Chance, London Irish Rifles.

Rifleman Frank Adamson, London Irish Rifles.