Brigade HQ.

1000 Brigade HQ closed at Castelnuovo (H9433).

1100 Commanders’ conference at Main Division HQ.

1600 Brigade HQ opened at Pesche (H 2334).

Bttn 6 Innisks under command 56 Recce Regiment.

2 LIR at Carpinone (H 2632), 1 RIrF at Castelpetroso (H 2828).

6 Innisks.

0400 Bttn roused to complete packing.

0500 Breakfast served.

0630 Bttn embussed at Isernia and column passed SF (road junction 223327) at 0700hrs and proceeded via Carpione, Sessano, Pescolanciano, road junction 261503, road junction 258517, to Capracotta. This was a very cold journey and the second half was carried out in driving snow, which caused a little difficulty with some of the MT, but all arrived at Capracotta with some pushing over the slippery parts of the road.

1200 Coys were shown their defensive tasks and set to work in improving and strengthening there.

Lieut Blyth rejoined the Bttn from hospital.

2 LIR.

0930 Battalion (less det Campobasso and road post at Motta) left Pietra for Carpinone. Anti-tank platoon attached to 254 Anti-Tank Battery Royal Artillery for training and firing.

1600 Convoy makes good time and arrives in Carpinone in daylight.