0700 SC and 4 vehicles arrived by road from Bone.

0800 Brigade Commander and BM left for Teboursouk, where 38 Brigade were now to concentrate.

1500 Advance Brigade HQ left for Teboursouk.  The day was dull and therefore favourable for movement by MT. Enemy ground strafing planes had been active in the area.

1745 Column under IO arrived without incident at road junction J 2710 west of Teboursouk, where it was met by BM who had recced HQ.

1845 Brigade HQ arrived at Farm J342091


1400 The Bttn went on a march on the Rock marching to the far side… to the music of the pipes…and back to the ship through the town.

2100 The ship was at ½ hours notice to move.

6 Innisks – ON THE ROAD.

Early AO. 1 TCV of No 14 platoon fell 50 feet down mountain side – 12 casualties – but none killed.

0500 After extremely arduous drive, Bttn is met at Souk el Khemis by guides and led to a harbour 15 miles further on in mud.

0730 Bttn all in.

0915 CO and Adjutant go to meet Brigade commander at Teboursouk for orders. Then recce a defensive front and move Bttn in at once. Everyone in battalions works splendidly and made the best of some bad staff work. Very heavy rain all day.

Sergeant Rowland Farthing, 6 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

Third night. Battalion parked on roadside near Nebeur 10 kilometres north of Le Kef.

Carriers, mortars and anti-tank platoons take up defensive positions in Teboursouk area.