0000 Advance Brigade HQ having been met at pt J1935 by Sgt Paige arrived at farm J1629. Brigade Commander and BM after visiting Divisional HQ were brought to this farm.

0745 Brigade Commander attended conference at HQ 6 Armoured Division and afterwards accompanied Divisional Commander on recce.

On this day, 6 Armoured Division Standing Operation Instruction No 2 was received, laying down AA policy on the move.


The ship lay in the bay outside the harbour and repairs were put in hand on this ship. The majority of the stores in the hold were salvaged and hard work was put in on 18 Motor Cycles to get them in working order. Most of the M/Cs were found to be serviceable.

6 Innisks – BONE.

0230 B Company parade and move off for the station.

Slight enemy air activity during early part of the night.

Orders were received during the day that the rest of the Bttn (Bttn HQ, HQ Coy and A & C Coys) will leave by road for Divisional concentration at Souk el Khemis tomorrow. All ranks spend day packing and reloading transport. CO will be glad to leave Bone because of danger from lack of sanitation.

2 LIR.

Battalion move by road to divisional concentration area. (Armoured) carrier, mortar and anti-tank platoons follow as separate unit.

First night. Battalion reached Le Kroub, 15 kilometres east of Constantine (Algeria).