War Diaries – 5th December 1942


0930 Advance Brigade HQ set out for Souk el Khemis having given M.Lavia a letter of thanks for his hospitality.

1700 Arrived via Souk al Ahras at hideout Gardimaou beyond which no vehicles were allowed in daylight.

1830 Set out for Souk el Khemis.

2140 Arrived at bridge J0223, 39 miles from Gardimaou. Brigade Commander with BM left to report to 6th Armoured Division HQ at 7/736.

1 RIrF – AT SEA.

No 2 hold in which the bulk of the Bttn baggage was stored was badly damaged and A Coy living in the mess deck immediately above the hold had to move to a promenade deck.

6 Innisks – BONE.

0400 Bombing ceases.

0915 Lt Cassidy and 50 men dig slit trenches for dockers. Quiet day. Most people busy packing presents they have bought in Bone.

1930 Orders received that a train party would proceed at 0418hrs on 7 Dec 42. At 2240hrs, orders received that the party would proceed at 0418hrs on 6 Dec 42.

2300 Lt Carruthers reported that the M/T party from Algiers was 6 miles outside Bone where it was harbouring for the night.