0805 Advance Brigade HQ left St Arnaud.

1130 Arrived at Constantine where Brigade Commander and BM visited Advance HQ 1st Army.

1630 Arrived on outskirts of Guelma. Lieut Room and Sgt Paige had recced Heliopolis with a view to spending night 4th/5th. Both officers and men were very kindly received by the owner of a farm in this village.

1 RIrF – AT SEA.

2300 The ship was involved in a collision with another ship of the convoy and the alarm was sounded

All men proceeded to six boat stations. Although no signal for abandoning ship was given, some of the crew got into the boats and pushed off. The ship was damaged in one of the forward holds and steamed into Gibraltar 8 miles away. The troops remained at boat stations until arrival into the harbour at approx 0800hrs.

6 Innisks – BONE.

From midnight to dawn, continuous bombing and AA from fire. Bosche drop many parachute flares. Eight or ten bombs drop near Bttn billets, which was a veritable death trap in the event of a direct hit. It is a two storey building full of glass – tobacco and troops and void of any fire extinguishers.

2100 Adjutant spends three hours trying to phone 6 Armoured Division and when he gets through can’t hear a word.

2115 Bombing starts and soon a patrol ship and ammunition ship explodes with a roar. Raid continues all night with the Hun dropping his load onto the harrying fire. Bttn building is shaken by a close stick of bombs.