Brigade HQ – BOUGIE.

1230 Advance HQ consisting of Brigade Commander, BM, IO, BRASCO, 2 LOs, ‘I’ Sgt, and 12 ORs set out in 4 vehicles by road for Souk el Khemis.

1415 Rail party under SC left Bougie for Bone to take over 20 vehicles. A very slow journey was made in wagons marked “chevaux huit, home quarante”.

Road party under BTO left for Bone.

1630 Advance Brigade HQ arrived via Setif at St Arnaud, a distance of 88 miles. Lieut Room and Sgt Paige, had made a very successful recce for resting place night for 3rd/4th Dec. M Le Secretaire was most helpful in finding billets and also in directing the IO to shops in the village where bread and wine could be had. By a coincidence, Advance HQ 1 Guards Brigade spent night 3rd/4th Dec in the same village.

6 Innisks – BONE.

0100 Orders received to send forward as many troops as possible in 9 TCVs. CO finally decides to send forward D Coy and part of HQ in 8 TCVs with ammunition. Lieut Buck(s) spends day trying to find battalion luggage landed at Bone off SS Aviva. He finds some of it in four dumps in different parts of the town, not even sorted into units.

1345 After certain difficulties, the Rowlette force (D Coy, ½ A/Tk platoon, Signals, Mortars and ½ Pioneers) gets away and is told to report to GPO Souk el Khemis for further orders.

2030 CO, Major Maxwell and Adjutant dine with Brigadier Gough, who has a lovely villa on the sea front. C Coy have sea bathe. All Coys march into and visit Bone.

2230 Bombing ….some dropping near Bttn billets.