Brigade HQ – MAHMOUD GAP 5419.

0400 Order was received by LO from 6 Armoured Division for 2 LIR with u/c AA and A/Tk platoon to be prepared to move at 2 hrs notice to area Pichon O7523.

0915 Brigade Commander discussed with Commander 152 Field Regiment, 72 A/Tk Regiment and 151 Battery LAA, details of the Brigade’s artillery layout as affected by 2 LIR proposed move.

On this day, the Brigade Commander wrote letter to 6 Armoured Division pointing out the scattered dispositions of the Irish Brigade and noting that, should 2 LIR have to move to Pichon, he would have one bttn to protect 2 Battery’s Forward Artillery, AA and A/Tk artillery and transport disposed in Brigade A Echelon, along road: El Aroussa – Tallyho Corner 5217. In that event, Brigade “would not be in a position to resist an attack in force”.

6 Armoured Division OO No 5 was received expressing the intention: 6 Armoured Division and troops u/c will hold Medjez-el-Bab.

Letter was received from 6th Armoured Division stressing the necessity for active as well as passive (camouflage) deception. A Deception Officer for the Brigade (Lieut Duke, 6 Innisks) was appointed in accordance with instructions in this letter.

During this period, a good deal of information was collected by Special Intelligence Detachments, especially those with 2 LIR, which collected local farmers with good results.


0645 B Coy 6 Innisks arrived in new area. No activity seen. Two enemy recce aircraft at 1000 feet directly over Bttn HQ, but all signs of occupation had been connected.

1130 Enemy guns believed located as before shelled the Goubellat to Medjez-el-Bab road opposite Bttn HQ.

1200 Bttn HQ moved into a hollow ½ mile west along the track from Douar.

1800 B Coy 6 Innisks ceased to be under command and rejoined their battalion.

An account of the patrol account of this night is contained in the attached appendix.

6 Innisks – GOUBELLAT.

0200 The Bttn transport arrives.

0215 The marching personnel sent out. It takes the transport column nearly 2 hours to go less than 4 miles.

0400 New farm is established in a farm where there are also some French soldiers. The morning patrol visited all fig farms south of the Goubellat to Mahmoud road, and found nothing.

1100 Enemy shell Goubellat and two enemy M/C combinations seen between Goubellat and Mahmoud.

1120 Enemy shells fall in area Sidi Mahmoud. It is possible 2 LIR who are on our left may be called away tonight. If they do so, we must hold their position as well as our own. Patrols are sent out but nothing is found during the night.

Information is received that 2 LIR will not be moving.

2330 B Coy who have been attached to 1 RIrF returns as Goubellat is now in No Man’s Land. They had to return via Medjez-el-Bab.

2 LIR.

Battalion at two hours notice. Ready to move to Pichon to support French troops.

Lieutenant V C Joseph admitted to ADS 1 Forward Ambulance.