Brigade HQ – ALGIERS.

0200 Remainder of Brigade HQ under BTO proceeded by road with 17 vehicles to Bougie.

1730 Brigade convoy arrived transit camp Bougie (K5416).

6 Innisks – AT SEA.

Ship along Quai at Bone 1100hrs and troops are very quickly disembarked during an alert and march 1 ½ miles to Tobacco factory.

Major Allen left Algiers for Bone with MIT party. It is found that Captain Kendal taking the transport off J3 landed at Bone on to Souk el Arba.

CO pays many visits to Camp Commandant to find how long we will remain here. General opinion is we shall move forward at once when complete as tactical unit. CO meets Brigadier Gough (ex 1 RIrF), who is commandant at Bone. The town is pretty but dirty and full of unpleasant smells.