War Diaries – 26th December 1942


Two companies from 2 LIR made a night raid on Farm 714134, which was empty, but bore traces of recent enemy occupation.

German propaganda leaflets (apparently planted, not dropped from the air) were found in coy areas and on sundry sites in the Brigade area. They were inscribed as follows “Qu’est ce que vous preferer mourir avec les Americans, ou, vivre avec Les Allemands?”

A directive on “Information” dealing with patrol reports and general observation was issued to Bttns.

Special Intelligence Detachment of a sergeant and 6 men of the French Army reported to this HQ from FS section, 6 Armoured Division. The detachment was given a directive and members were dispatched to the forward Bttns (1 RIrF, and 2 LIR).

A letter reviewing the brigade dispositions (shown on tracing attached to Appendix P) were suggested.


0730 Sitrep of first night in new area rendered – Nothing to Report.

Day spent in fully settling into new positions and recce of patrol position for the night.

6 Innisks – GOUBELLAT.

A day of “make and mend” and reorganising.

2 LIR.

Battalion HQ moved to Farm 662 140.

Lieutenant C (Charles) J Reidy posted to 6th Armoured Division as liaison officer.

Companies (?) attacked Fm (farm) 714 134 but found no enemy. Two men of H Company injured by grenade.

F Company patrol area 695127 to ambush enemy motor transport but have no luck.

H Company patrol area 705147 from 1800 to 0200 hrs, with no result.

Rifleman Harold Kershaw, 2 London Irish Rifles.