Christmas Greetings were received from Divisional and Corps Commanders. Brigade HQ published a special Order of the Day.

1130 March table was issued for relief of 6 Innisks by 1 RIrF, A truck parked at HQ 6 Innisks, Farm 64231, was sabotaged. The driver found that wires behind the dashboard had been cut and one of the rear tyres had been let down. This is believed to be the work of an Arab who was looking after cattle near the truck.


0715 Tail of Bttn Column arrived in new location.

0900 Bttn ‘O’ Group – issue of verbal orders for occupation of defensive positions from 6 Innisks in forward area.

0930 Departure of Bttn ‘O’ Group and Guide Parties to recce new area.

2030 Takeover of new position begins.

2359 Takeover reported generally completed.

 6 Innisks – GOUBELLAT.

A and C Coys move to new position north of Goubellat during the night and 2 LIR take over from them. Move was completed by 0725hrs.

1000 CO conference. Bttn will be relieved tonight by 1 RIrF and go into a reserve position behind Goubellat.

1300 Adjutant visits D Coy at 1300hrs and finds a good Xmas dinner being cooked. Coy HQ has roast turkey being carved with a jack knife and stuffed with chopped biscuit and tinned peas, followed by duff flamed with whisky. He then visits Lt George’s platoon and finds they have eleven chickens and 24 bottles of champagne. All this had been given to them by the owner of a French farm.

Royal Irish Fusiliers take over from the Bttn during the night and then Bttn goes into reserve, after its first taste of battle. We lost 1 killed and several missing. The experience gained has been enormous and the morale of the troops high.

 2 LIR.

Forward observation post established in mosque on Si Attia with assistance of Derbyshire Yeomanry. (6th Armoured Division OP Number 2).

Companies send out local patrols but no contact was made with enemy.

Best wishes for Christmas received from General Officer Commanding; Divisional Command and Brigade Command.

Major J McCann to 6th Battalion Inniskillings as second-in-command.