0100 Patrol directives were issued in amplification of OO No 3.

This was another day of dull weather. There was no air activity before 1400hrs.

0930 Brigade Commander and BM and Bttn Commanders and Sp Arms proceeded on a recce of areas laid down in Brigade OO No 3.

1500 Coordinating Conference was held at Farm 513118.

1900 Brigade HQ moved to new location Farm 586199 arriving 2340hrs.

On this day a message of Christmas greetings from the Army Command was received.


0200 CO left for Brigade HQ for further information and orders.

0800 Bttn Guide Parties ordered forward once more.

1000 Bttn Guide Parties left in forward area.

2045 Head of Bttn column passed SP.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Lt Buck takes out two patrols and searches positions east of A Coy area. Although did not get any prisoners, he brought back a full and comprehensive report about the whereabouts of the enemy.

2 LIR.

0900 Battalion moved by motor transport to 6515. Battalion HQ established at Farm 653130. Motor transport returned to A Echelon area 5012, less essential vehicles.