Again the weather was dull and air activity was slight.

0130/1030 Two 6 Pounder A/Tk guns were destroyed by enemy raids on 6 Innisks positions 681227 and 6923. An account of one operation is attached.

1300 6 Innisks captured 4 German parachutists of 5 Para Regiment at Farm 685126. Interrogation revealed that III/5 Bttn was in area Great Lake J7513, and had been making raids on our positions.

1900 Brigade Commander attended conference at HQ 6 Armoured Division. Continual wet weather had made an armoured push NE out of the question and the plan was therefore cancelled. Brigade Commander received the new plan and with it orders to obtain patrol ascendency eastwards from road junction 6505-6526.

2200 Commander 2 LIR was summoned to Brigade HQ and received verbal orders corresponding to Brigade OO No 3.


0830 Bttn ‘O’ Group and Guide Parties arrived in forward concentration parties.

1130 News received that the forthcoming op was to be postponed as very heavy rain had rendered all ground other than road impracticable for all vehicles incl tanks.

1500 Bttn ‘O’ Group and Guide Parties withdrawn to Bttn positions.

1930 Bttn ‘R’ Group, having waited in vain for further information, withdrew to Bttn positions.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0600 Five fighting patrols are sent out during the night. The intention being to maintain patrol supremacy on Goubellat Plain, east of Goubellat. One patrol reported at 0600hrs that they had heard firing. The reported A/Tk gun found destroyed and another with the crew missing. There were signs of resistance of both gun crews.

1300 Sgt Maguire of Carrier Platoon, while out in daylight patrol captures 4 German prisoners (the Bttn’s first ones), three are wounded. They were ably interviewed by Lt Daly our German speaking officer, and then the non-wounded men sent to Brigade with all equipment. The prisoners were identified as 3 Parachute Div commanded by Lt-Col Koch. They were depressed because they could find any tanks.

2200 Patrols were sent out to search area east of Goubellat during the night.