War Diaries – 21st December 1942


1500 Brigade Commander with CRA continued detailed recce of Medjez area.

1800 Brigade Commander and BM set up Advance HQ with HQ 6 Innisks J5213.

2200 Advance party 1 R IrF reported at Brigade HQ. After dark, 1 R IrF moved into position area as shown as B Bttn areas on trace Appendix D.


0200 Bttn installed in defensive positions as per trace for ‘B’.., adopting normal defence routine.

1930 CO attended Brigade ‘O’ Group conference for evening ops.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0830 All forward Coys report a quiet night. Lt Duke, B Coy, takes out patrols and confirms rumours that there are enemy in front of coy positions. A Coy report no enemy patrols met during the night.

C Coy has a “make or mend” day in reserve except Maxwell who is acting as 2 i/c. He visits forward Coys and arranges patrols for tonight

1400 B Coy are dive bombed for half an hour and suffer three casualties – men in the signals operation but the set is ok.

1655 Major Allen gets warning order to move. There will be a conference at our HQ at 1930 to discuss it.

1950 Brigadier arrives and conference is held, the following attended: OC 152 Field Regiment RA, OC 92 A/Tk Regiment RA, CO 1 RIrF and CO 2 LIR. The new positions are agreed to. 6 Innisks to move up tonight and 2 LIR the night after.

2130 The Bttn moves off, and takes up positions around Goubellat.

Fusilier James Purdy, 6 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

0700 Commanding officer went off to recce new area to rendezvous in hills east of Medjez el-Bab with company commanders.