Brigade HQ – ALGIERS.

Brigade Commander and Brigade Major left Brigade HQ 795012 proceeding to Bougie ahead of Brigade HQ.

1 RIrF – AT SEA.

The voyage continued, daily training … was carried out as far as possible.

6 Innisks – ALGIERS.

0430 The rest of the Battalion marched 10 miles with full kit to Quai de Passageus.

0900 Bttn arrived at Quai and spent the morning lying in the sun. Ship is expected any minute then not until 1300hrs and then at 1400hrs. The Bttn split into two parties. F2 consisting of A & B and part of HQ under Major Wise and F3 C & D Coys and the rest of HQ Coy under the CO.

1430 The Bttn embarks for Bone.

1725 The convoy leaves harbour in a most beautiful sunset. The Navy very kindly gives the Army some whisky, gin and beer to be sold at Navy prices. The Doc (Wilson) makes an excellent barman. Great shortage of water on the ship as it had no time to replenish.


1st to 4th

Battalion at unit concentration area.

Unloading supplies from ships in harbour.