War Diaries – 19th December 1942


Brigade Commander made recce of Medjez area with a view to the thrust NE by 6 Armoured Division.


0830 Bttn moved on.

1930 Bttn concentrated and bivouacked in Area B… Twelve M/Cs was handed over to OBO.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0800 Difficulty in obtaining situation reports from coys. ie C Coy at Goubellat and A south of Goubellat. 2 i/c spends busy day arranging the Q side of this formidable force now under Command. CO visits A and C Coys and takes IO.

2130 7 Platoon attacked by 30 German infantry who obtain 10 men as prisoners. Before the attack, the Germans bombarded the area with 4.2 Mortar fire and one of the last shots set light to the platoon ammunition dump and probably dazed the section that was captured.

An exaggerated report was first reported to Bttn HQ by A Coy and Carrier Platoon was sent up immediately (25 miles) as mobile reserve.

Lt Cassidy and 2 fusiliers reported missed for 5 days. Lt Cassidy and his platoon went out on patrol. He sent back the platoon less 2 fusiliers as he said he could do the job better without them. He did not return.

2 LIR.

F Company return to battalion after successful patrol activity and take up former positions.