War Diaries – 18th December 1942


Administration Order was issued in conjunction with OO No 1.

Brigade Commander, accompanied by Commander 6 Innisks, proceeded to meet Commander 6 Armoured Division at Farm 553025. First of all, Major Maxwell was encountered at Djelida station (J5603). He reported that it was impossible, owing to Arabs, to move by day in the forward areas. He had seen them engaged in conversation with enemy armoured patrols and pointing towards the exact locations of our positions. Discussions with Divisional Commander largely concerned the need for and the best method of undertaking offensive patrolling.


0700 Bttn crossed start line to move to forward concentration area.

1830 Bttn bivouacked for the night.

2100 Presence of enemy rumoured. Guard doubled.

6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

0645 CO and IO with 2 D/Rs and signals operator, AA guard and driver set off to recce new are with Brigadier.

0800 OC of A and B Coys, and their D/Rs, Provost Sgt and MTO go forward to meet CO at El Aroussa at 0930 hrs.

1000 2 i/c holds conference and ties up ends for move.

1330 CO and IO return from recce.

1500 CO holds conference and issues Bttn OO No 1 marked D.

1730 A Coy moved off to take over from Coy of 2 LIR in area south of Goubellat.

1800 Main column moved off and arrived in new positions as laid down in OO No 1 by 2200hrs. Beautifully clear warm moonlight night which was just as well as the road was tricky and narrow.