War Diaries – 17th December 1942


1845 Brigade Commander visited Divisional HQ at Aine Tounga and received orders for 6 Innisks to go forward and cover the Divisional front.

2045 Brigade Commander visited 6 Innisks on return journey and gave Commander verbal order corresponding to Brigade OO No 1.


Preparations for move of Bttn less 3 & 4 platoons to forward concentration area. Acclimatisation training continued.

6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

0545 Lt Hanna leaves for Bone to collect NAAFI stores.

0930 CO decides to have a bath. Before he is more than half undressed first the APN calls to see him and then the Brigadier.

1030 Xmas airmail letters are sent off with the hope they will arrive by Xmas. A general “make and mend” day. The RSM teaches Adjutant to ride a M/C.

1800 D Coy leaves Testour with their Combat Group and take up positions east of the Medjez to Goubellat road.

1830 Pioneers have finished the command post and the CO holds a house warming party for officers of HQ Coy.

2045 Brigadier arrives and warns the CO that the Bttn will be moving up to a line east of the Medjez to Bou Arada road tomorrow night with the intention of sending out patrols to as far east as the general line Pont Du Fahs to Ksar Tyr and to gain patrol ascendency.

2130 CO holds conference of heads of department in command post.

2350 Brigade operation order No 1 arrives – copy is marked C and attached.

2 LIR.

Commanding officer visited F Company at El Aroussa.