Brigade HQ.

Two platoons of F Coy 2 LIR under Captain Ekin were out for 48 hrs under command of Major Nicholson 16/5 Lancers in area Bou Arada (J6201). The mission was not entirely successful as the enemy got wind of our movements through the agency of Arabs who passed along the road complete with family, mules and baggage and thus were able to see and report our positions. This handicap was especially marked when an ambush had been laid for enemy armoured cars, which warned just in time then turned off the main road into the hills.


1800 Brigade HQ left for Farm 342091 and arrived 1900hrs at new HQ Farm J292038. A Echelon left Farm J292038 and exchanged positions with Brigade HQ.

2000 Unidentified aircraft flew low over Brigade Command and fired a burst of MG.


0700 Nos 3 & 4 platoons moved off to forward concentration area. Remainder of Bttn continued acclimatisation training.

6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

2 i/c busy clearing up the remainder of the NAAFI stores and collecting in thousands of francs. It is intended to send Lt Hanna back to Bone for refill of stores.

1300 Capt Ferriss (2 i/c C Coy) arrives back with news of C Coy and collects up NAAFI stores and mail. He also brings a letter to the CO from Maxwell. He says that Lt Cassidy who was sent out on patrol is 48 hrs overdue.

1630 Brigadier arrives. Has just been to Division and is worried by the news that the Adjutant and IO gave Divisional LO about enemy positions they received from Ferriss.

1700 The CO and Adjutant go to Divisional HQ and take letter received from Major Maxwell.

Another fine day.