War Diaries – 15th December 1942


The weather was fine all day but there was no air activity in the Brigade areas. Brigade Commander inspected the Bttn position recced at Aine Tounga (J3718) by 2 i/c 6 Innisks. Support of Battery Artillery and 2 troops A/Tk had been allowed for this.  Position might have to be occupied to prevent an enemy thrust via Testour against Teboursouk.


Disembarkation of vehicles and their tactical reloading completed less 18 M/Cs which were damaged by sea water in transit. These were now worked on by base w/shop REME. Six were fit for the road to date. Acclimatisation training continued, while kit etc to be left at the base was sorted and stacked. The ORs left for 2nd Echelon.

6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

Quiet morning. 2 i/c goes out with Brigadier to complete a recce for a Bttn position.

1400 Lt Hanna returns from Bone having done over 500 miles and brings back truck full of NAAFI items worth about £230 including nearly 100 cigarettes per man, spirits and beer, soap (greatly needed) and many other things. A truly magnificent effort. He also collected the mail (first received) from FPO. 2 i/c gets busy allotting the stores and everyone is happy.

1430 CO and Adjutant go and visit D Coy now in Testour. They are well settled in and seem to have no troubles at all. The CO and Adjutant see two Arabs shot in Testour for looting after air raids.

Carrier patrols still go out nightly to patrol the road from Testour to Medjez.

Another fine day but the nights are getting colder with heavy dew.