The day was fine but there was no enemy air activity except after dark when a force of bombers passed overhead going west.

1140 Orders were received that one coy 6 Innisks should form part of a force of all arms to be held at Testour for an attack, if need be, on enemy threatening or capturing Medjez-el-Bab.

On this day, Brigade Commander, with Commanders 2 LIR, 152 Field Regiment and 72 A/Tk Regiment, recced defensive positions for two Bttns south of Teboursouk . This position might have to be occupied to provide a pivot of manoeuvre for 26 Armoured Brigade counter attack south from Teboursouk in case of enemy armoured thrust towards Le Kef. It was considered vital to prevent the enemy from occupying the heights and thus dominating the valley to the west.

6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

0900 CO visits the gun lines of C Battery 152 Field Regiment RA who are in support of us. He goes to see the local Sheikh named Abdul Huq. He and the IO exchange greetings and the CO obtains information that is sent back to Brigade.

1200 Wireless silence is broken and information is received that one coy is to be at 1/2 hr notice to move wef 1215 hrs. D Company is warned and Captain Rowlette goes immediately to 26 Armoured Brigade for a conference.

1215 A and B Coys warned that D Coy will be moving.

1300 B Coy send section to Testour to relieve the section provided by D Coy.

1815 D Company proceed forward as part of Combat Group consisting of 16/5 Lancers less 1 squadron, 1 Battery 72 A/T Regiment less 2 troops. 1 Squadron Derbyshire Yeomanry less 2 troops and commanded by OC 16/5 Lancers.

1930 No 8 Platoon who are guarding the battery in support fire at light on hillside which started to twinkle when enemy planes were overhead.

A Company moved across road and took up positions held by D Coy. So we now have one coy on each side of the road in very strong positions but there is no depth.

2030 The last of the Combat Group passed Bttn HQ. It is thought the Group in harbouring this side of Testour is ready to strike at enemy attack on Medjez-el-Bab either from the west or the east.

2045 CO, 2 i/c and Adjutant sit in the moonlight with a bottle of gin flavoured by the olives presented by the Sheikh Abdul Haq.

No news has been received from Maxwell for 48 hours.

Lt Hanna, who was sent to Bone on 12th for NAAFI supplies has not yet returned.

Brigadier wants name of officer for Divisional Camp Commandant. Spencer’s name submitted.

2 LIR.

18 Platoon moved from divisional reserve.