War Diaries – 13th December 1942


Patrols of G Coy 2 LIR recced passes through mountains from positions J3506 to Testour and El Aroussa. The route to El Aroussa was unsuitable for all vehicles; that to Testour was suitable for tanks in all weathers and 4 wheeled vehicles in dry.

6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

0810 Information received from Carriers that patrols had been sent through Medjez and south to Guards Brigade and no enemy had been seen.

0830 Warned of danger of parachute landings.

0830 Administrative conference at Bttn HQ.

0930 2 i/c went forward and recced Bttn alternative position. CO is told to order an Arab to go to Tunis but says that his job is not that of a spy, even though he is the only Arabic speaker in 5 Corps.

1000 FGCN on Corporal Black for drunkenness.

1300 News at last from Maxwell that his force had been heavily machine gunned and bombed on the previous day but C Coy itself had not suffered any casualties. His patrols had been sent out to locate the enemy.

1755 Message from Carriers stating no enemy ground activity had been encountered but plenty of enemy air activity.

Bttn HQ mess indulges in the luxury of eggs for tea at the expense of their precious cigarette ration. Opinion is divided as to the wisdom of the PNCs unconsulted decision.

Pioneer platoon have now finished road for transport in harbouring area and are now to set about an underground Bttn HQ.

Beautifully fine sunny day

 2 LIR.

18 Platoon moved into divisional reserve.