War Diaries – 11th December 1942


This was another cloudy day and there was no air activity. Much information of the fighting at Medjez-el-Bab (J5734) was collected from reports of Major Maxwell to 6 Armoured Division and W/T intercepts of 1 Derbyshire Yeomanry.

0850 Brigade Commander and IO visited Divisional HQ, 6 Innisks position area J3314, and reported attack impossible for tanks, but that infantry might infiltrate on left.


0800 The ship dropped anchor in the small harbour at Bougie.

1030 Disembarkation started.

1300 All troops had disembarked and transport was being offloaded. The disembarkation was carried out by relays of ALCs and MLCs. The ship has gone aground.

1400 The Bttn busy straightening things up in No 3 Transit Camp. A party was despatched to the docks to assist in disembarking vehicles.

 6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

Carrier Platoon went out soon after first light to recce road to Medjez and returns at 1300hrs and reports no enemy in Medjez. Enemy since suspected on either side of road Medjez to Goubellat.

Brigadier and Brigade IO called during the morning.

Weather still showery which at least kept the dive bombers away.

1630 C Coy proceed to spend six days patrolling No Man’s Land and to report situation of enemy.

Lt McKenna assumes appointment of QM in place of Lt Carson.

2100 Liaison Officer arrives from Division, and ordered one section of infantry in 15 cwt to report to the French battalion in Testour for the purposes of liaison and shortening the L of C of Maxwell’s party.

Lance Corporal Richard Clutterbuck, 6 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

Remainder of F Company, 1 squadron of tanks, 1 troop of 25 pounders, 2 Bofors under command of Major Nicholson (of) 25 Lancers, moved off to patrol in Pont du Fahs area.

Two sections of 16 Platoon on standing patrol in Le Krib area.

17 Platoon moved to area 273 991 to standing patrol to protect gunners.

Rifleman Charles Brady, 2 London Irish Rifles.