0815 Brigade Commander and Major Maxwell visited Divisional HQ (J3207).

0900 Road party from Bougie under BTO arrived at crossroads J2808. About half of the Brigade transport (incl A Echelon vehicles) was sent under BTO to Farm J292038.

1500 FSP interviewed owner of Farm J3406 and confirmed IO’s impressions of 9 Dec that Arabs in the neighbourhood were in the pay of the enemy.


1150 The ship dropped anchor in the southern anchorage at Algiers. The short authorities there were unwilling to allow disembarkation. The ship’s Captain however stated that the ship was taking too much water and he would go no further. Finally a surveyor came aboard and declared her seaworthy.

2300 We again set sail.

 6 Innisks – TEBOURSOUK.

1130 CO conference of Company Commanders.

1800 Lt Cassidy and his platoon of C Coy move to a position east of Goubellat whence they will carry out recces to try and locate enemy.

2050 Orders received that carrier platoon would recce road through Medjez for enemy as 30 enemy tanks were reported attacking Medjez.

2 LIR.

11 platoon moved out to Bou Arada to recce for F Company.

Rifleman Childs (carrier platoon) accidentally killed by 75 grenade.

Rifleman Ronald Childs, 2 London Irish Rifles.