War Diaries – 6th to 10th August 1944

6th August


Leave parties and training continue.

The disbandment of the 6 Innisks commences. All personnel going to 2 LIR and 1 RIrF join their respective battalions. Personnel going to IRTD leave as well. The remainder, who are being absorbed into the 2 Innisks remain in their own camp.

2000 1 RIrF hold Officers’ Guest Night for all officers of the Brigade Group.


High wind and dust storms. Packing preparatory to move. Captain Chambers and Major Crehan rejoin battalion on discharge from No 1 General Hospital.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather fine and warm.

Bttn went ahead with arrangements for the move to Alexandria.

1100 CO spoke to the bttn on the Parade Ground for the last time as their Commanding Officer and said goodbye and wished everybody ‘Good Luck’ in their new units.

1130-1330 A photographer was brought from Ishmalia and photographs were taken of the bttn as a whole, Officers’ Mess. Sergeants’ Mess, Cpls’ Mess and groups of each coy and a sufficient number of copies ordered so that all members of the 6th Bttn would have a record of their bttn.

1400 The personnel of the 6th Bttn, who could not be absorbed into the other bttns of the brigade left for the ITD at Geneifa.

The rest of the day was very quiet. People continued with the task of packing up, but without the usual cheerful cross-chat, which normally accompanied these operations, for to everybody the death of the bttn has now become a very real thing and there was nobody that did not feel very deeply about it.

1500 The Commanding Officer said goodbye to all NCOs personally.

1600 CO left for 2nd Bttn with Major Mathew.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

1400 Brigadier TPD Scott, DSO, Commander 38 (Irish) Brigade visits Bttn HQ.


0700 Reveille.

0830 Bttn loading stores and striking camp in preparation for move.

7th August


0630 Head of the convoy passed SP for route to Sidi Bishr. Order of March: 6 Innisks, Brigade HQ, 2 LIR, 1 RIrF, 152 Field Ambulance.

The convoy as routed by the longest possible way going right across the Delta Barrage and along the Desert Road. This entailed a total distance of 150 miles and many trucks in the convoy ran out of petrol. Also the standard of maintenance on the vehicles when they were taken over was far from good and even the hardest possible work put into them was insufficient to make them last the journey. A number had to be written off at the end of the journey. All these incidents made the convoy very late and the brigade was not complete in Sidi Bishr Camp until the following morning.


0400 Reveille. Bttn moved to Sidi Bishr area. First trucks rolling in about 1700 hrs. Some arrived very late through having run out of petrol. First glimpses of Alex, led one to anticipate much in the way of entertainment and relaxation. The camp is set among sand dunes and date palms and is not far from bus and tram lines or the beach.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather fine and warm.

0400 Reveille.

0430 Breakfast. After breakfast, final packing was done and the bttn was em-bused by 0620 hrs.

0630 Column moved off u/c Major RB Myles. The journey was very tedious and the convoy had to refill at one of the PSPs on route.

A halt of one hour was called at midday for tea and haversack rations.

2130 Convoy arrived at Sidi Bishr. The 6 Innisks’ convoy was divided into groups so that personnel for 2 LIR and 1 RIrF went at night into their respective camps.

Everyone was soon settled in for the night, being too tired to worry very much about comfort and checking rolls etc was left until morning.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

1800 Main body of 38th Brigade arrive. 6 Innisks had had a very trying and exhausting journey and arrived at 2130 hrs. A hot toddy had been arranged by 190 Transit Camp for the bttn on arrival.


0430 Reveille.

0445 RASC Transport (23 x 3 tonners) report to bttn for move.

0630 Bttn (less Advance Party) em-bused ready for move.

0652 Head of column past Brigade Start Point. Route – Qassassin, Tel el Kebir, Bibbeis, Qualyub, Nile Barrage, Khatatra, Amiriya, Alexandria, Sidi Bishr.

1200 Bttn halts for one hour for a meal at Khatatra.

2200 Bttn arrives at Sidi Bishr. Journey without incident but considerable delay caused by drawbridge on Nile and canals. Further delay caused owing to queue of traffic at Patrol Filling Point at Amiriya.

Fifty six other ranks join bttn on posting from 6 Innisks.

8th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Brigade Training Programme and Instruction issued. Battalions commence to organise their camps and carry out normal administrative duties. Recces of ranges and training areas are also carried out.


Made recce of rifle ranges. Troops proceed to make themselves comfortable.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather fine and warm.

6 Innisks personnel were shown to the coys, which they were to join and their manes etc were checked and added to coy rolls.

A tent was set up in which the Bttn HQ of 6 Innisks could continue to work until the bttn was finally closed down.

Nothing further of interest happened during the day; the time was spent by the new personnel in feeling their feet and settling in.


0600 Reveille.

0900 R Company formed under command of Major Gibbs.

9th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Range allotments for battalions on 30 yard range at Sidi Bishr and Mustapha Barracks. Allotments on the Open Range at Aboukir, Deheila and Amiriya. These range allotments continue until the 11th for the 30 yards range and up to the 16th for the Open Range.


IO, Sergeant, and two Fusiliers start a photo interpretation course under divisional instructors. PT course carries on at Brigade Training consists of PT, conditioning marches and range work for bttn.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather fine and warm.

Normal bttn routine was carried out, starting with an RSM’s parade, followed by a run and a dip in the sea.

During the day, many applications for transfer were received at 6 Innisks Orderly Room from 6 Innisks personnel, who found that they could not settle down satisfactorily in the 2nd Bttn.

2359 The 6th Battalion, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers now ceased to exist.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Lt Col J Kerr, MC, admitted to No 3 General Hospital.


0830 Brigade PT Course resumed. Air Photography Course commenced at Brigade HQ under divisional arrangements.

1300 Five day leave party left for Cairo.

1400 Cricket match 2 LIR versus 1 RIrF.

10th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Range allotments. 30 yards and open.

Individual training by battalions.

Leave allotments to Cairo and Alexandria.


Day leaves organising to Alex.

23 ORs s/o to CMC.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Official date of disbandment and amalgamation of 6 Innisks. 2 Innisks now take their place in 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade.

The following are commands and appointments of officers of 2 Innisks:

CO – Lt Col RWH Scott (2 Innisks).

2 I/C – Major J Kerr MC (6 Innisks), who relinquishes rank of Lt Col.

Adjutant – Captain RT Irving (2 Innisks).

IO – Lieut JP Scarratt (2 Innisks).

HQ Coy

OC – Captain BH McCorkell (2 Innisks).

Signals – Captain DL Cole, MC (2 Innisks).

MTO – Lieut JJ McConnell (2 Innisks), who relinquishes rank of Captain.

QM – Captain D Dawson (2 Innisks).

Pioneers – Lieut MA Casey (2 Innisks).

A Coy

Major EH Cochrane (2 Innisks).

Captain RB Myles (6 Innisks), who relinquishes rank of Major.

Lieut MG Murray (2 Innisks).

Lieut DP Farrell (2 Innisks).

Lieut CJ Heather (2 Innisks).

B Coy

Major JD Nixon (2 Innisks).

Lieut RT O’Connor (6 Innisks) who relinquishes the rank of Captain.

Lieut AG Gladitz (6 Innisks).

Lieut PJ Brady (2 Innisks).

C Coy

Major PJ Blake, MC (2 Innisks).

Captain J Duane, MC (2 Innisks).

Lieut GH Murray (2 Innisks).

Lieut TJ Trainor, MM (2 Innisks).

Lieut RJ Shields (2 Innisks).

D Coy

Major HE Mathew (6 Innisks).

Captain PJ Long, MC (2 Innisks).

Lieut JM Campbell (6 Innisks).

Lieut JH Bradfield (6 Innisks), who relinquishes rank of Captain.

Lieut RW Brackenridge, MC (2 Innisks).

S Coy

Captain AW Kendall (6 Innisks), who relinquishes rank of Major.

A/Tk – Captain AWB Vincent (2 Innisks).

Lieut WS Pollard (6 Innisks), who relinquishes the rank of Captain.

Carriers – Lieut FHK Smith (2 Innisks), who relinquishes the rank of Captain.

Lieut AC O’Reilly (6 Innisks).

Mortars – Captain PS Anderson (6 Innisks).

R Coy

Captain PA Hamilton, MC (6 Innisks), who relinquishes the rank of Major.

Captain GCG Ree (2 Innisks).

Lieut PIM Foort (2 Innisks).

Lieut DP Dicker (6 Innisks), who relinquishes the rank of Captain.

First line reinforcements are held and form R Coy.


0900 Coy Commanders’ Conference re training.

1000 Five day leave party left for Alexandria.

1100 Long leave party returns from Alexandria.