26th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Remainder of brigade transport leaves for Alexandria Docks for loading. This now leaves the brigade completely without any vehicles and arrangements made to transport from 16 (Alexandria) Area and units in the division whom transport has not yet left.

No 1 GHQ Training Team run Brigade Cloth Model Exercise. The exercise as designed to bring out the problems and plans arising out of a river crossing and forming a small initial bridgehead. The exercise was run by the Directing Staff consisting of Brigadier TPD Scott, Lt Col Haycroft (GI Training Team), Lt Col Baker (17 Field Regiment), Major Foxwell (1 Kensingtons) and Major White (256 Field Company RE).

Each battalion formed a syndicate consisting of CO, 2 I/C, Adjutant, IO from 17 Field Regiment, RA, 214 Field Company RE, 1 Kensingtons, 254 A/Tk Battery RA, 280 LAA Battery RA and 78 Division Provost.

The problems of traffic control and communications were dealt with in detail as well.

Major Olsen lectures to 2 LIR on Air Cooperation.

No 11 Training Team goes to 2 LIR to instruct a certain number of officers and men in Street Fighting.


Lieut Carver, Lieut Tyler, Lieut Lloyd Davis, 2/Lieut Beaver, 2/Lieut Melliard and 2/Lieut Pretorius joined the unit. Officers’ Mess Dance attended by guests from LIR, Skins, Brigade, ATS, WRNS, WAAF was a great success.

Further decorations awarded –

MC – Capt Phelan, Capt Manson.

MM – Fusilier Hobden.

MBE – Lieut E Macginnis.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Captain AWB Vincent and Lieut JJ McCorkell with Bttn MT leave for embarkation.


0900 Platoon and Section Commanders on lecture – Section Fighting and Village clearing.

Senior Officers on bttn on Divisional Cloth Model Exercise ‘Tiber’ (River Crossing).

27th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Rest Day. Church parades and Divine Services.


Major Crehan to hospital with burst eardrum. MT left for embarkation.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Brigade Commander holds Sand Table exercise at Brigade HQ. CO, 2 I/C, Coy Commanders, Adjutant, IO and Signals Officer attend.


0900 Compulsory C of England Parade.

Cricket match – HQ Coy v G Coy.

2000 Pioneer Platoon return from Divisional Course.

28th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

No 11 GHQ Training Team foes to 2 Innisks to instruct officers and other ranks in Street Fighting.

Battalions carry out individual training and route marches.


I Section building another 20 foot model. This time of the area north of River Sangro to San Vito.


0700 HQ and S Coys Route March.

R Coy Field Firing Range. E and F Coys on 30 yards range.

29th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

2 Innisks carry out Field Firing Exercises at Abukir.

No 11 GHQ Training Team goes to 1 RIrF to instruct officers and men in Street Fighting.

Remainder of battalions and 2 LIR carry out individual training and firing on the ranges.


This am, officers and NCOs listened to lectures on village clearing mines etc. In afternoon, IO gave a short talk on Security.


0830 Beginning of RSM’s Cadre Course for junior NCOs of bttn.

H and HQ Coys on 30 yards range with SMGs and M3s.

R Coy route march.

1830 H Coy’s dance took place in Alexandria.

30th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Range allotments to each battalion, otherwise individual training and route marches carried out.

Preparations made for visit by C in C, General Paget on 31st August.


Captain RCP Jefferies joined bttn.


0930 G and S Coys on 30 yards range.

1415 Signals Officer gave lecture on Slidex to all Coy Commanders, IO and Second in Command.

31st August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

1030 General Paget, C in C, MEF arrives at Brigade HQ to inspect the brigade in training.

He listened first to the Pipe Band practising at Brigade HQ and then went to the Irish Fusiliers, where he saw a Sand Table Exercise run by Major Clarke MC. The subject was the company in the attack. He visited 152 Field Ambulance and saw Practical First Aid Tests and then saw another Sand Exercise at 2 LIR run by the CO on the Maintenance of a Battalion Defensive Position.

After lunch at Brigade HQ, he visited the 2 Innisks to watch a Patrol Demonstration.

1500 Brigade Commander and all COs and Brigade SO leave for Cairo to attend a Divisional Study Day on 1st September.

The Brigade Commander flew down to Cairo with General B Paget.

In the evening the brigade played the Navy at football.


Visit from General Paget, C in C, MEF. Sgt’s Mess ‘Stag Party’ for Navy, well attended with visitors from  Officers’ Mess.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

C in C MEF visits bttn and watches demonstration by Lieut Trainor and his platoon on patrolling.


1130 Bttn Sand Table Exercise for Administrative Personnel of the bttn subject – Supply and Admin of brigade positions on Monte Castellone near Cassino.

1230 General Paget, C in C, Middle East, visited bttn area.