21st August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Brigade PT Course ends.

Open Ranges at Abukir and Deheila allotted to battalions.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

The following immediate awards for 6 Innisks for Gustav Line fighting announced:

MC – Captain RB Myles, Lieut J Sorrell.

MM – 6983533 Cpl R Hadden (with bar), 6975993 CSM J Thompson.


0900 All transport to be loaded with non essential G 1098 stores ready for shipment on

0930 F Coy on Field Firing Ranges.

1500 Notification of the award of DSO to CO, Lt Col HEN Bredin MC

22nd August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

0730 Transport of Brigade HQ, 2 Innisks and 2 LIR under command BTO goes to Amiriya Transit Camp preparatory to loading on ships at Alexandria Docks.

Certain transport is lent to the brigade by 49 LAA Regiment in order that essential duties may be performed.

Representatives from 1 RIrF watch artillery shoot by 17 Field Regiment at Mena.

Open Range allotments to battalions.


Brigade Boxing Championships were held, the LIR winning three, the Skins two and this unit three.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Lieut HR Giles and 12 ORs re-join bttn from HQ 13 Infantry Brigade.


1400 Bttn transport moved off to Alexandria Docks via Amiriya Transit Camp.

1700 Bttn Boxing Team participated in Brigade Boxing Championship Matches.

23rd August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Open Range allotments to battalions at Abukir and Deheila.

Individual training carried out.

Route marches and sports.


Visit by Divisional Commander, Major General Butterworth DSO. Mr Hanssen to hospital. A brigade party was held in the officers mess (LIR) for the Skins.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Message from Lt Col HEN Bredin DSO MC, OC 2 LIR:

“I want to try and convey to you and particularly the men of the old 6th Bttn how much that I feel that my DSO is a tribute to the Inniskilling rather than a matter of personal consideration. I should like to thank all these soldiers, who made it so easy for me to deliver the goods.”


1130 CO’s conference for all Coy Commanders, IO and SC.

24th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Major Olsen G II Air GHQ arrives at Brigade HQ to lecture battalions on Air Cooperation.

Open Range allotments for battalions.

Major Butterworth, Commander 78 Division, visits the brigade. He meets all COs and Coy Commanders and paid short visits to battalion.

A Brigade Boxing Competition was held in the evening. The Brigade Team fought the RAF and won by 6 fights.


Brigade boxing team took on the RAF and won four out of six bouts. Should have won five, only one lad had the misfortune to foul his opponent.


1000 CO’s inspection of bttn camp area.

1200 Platoon Commanders and Sgts of Signal and Intelligence Sections proceeded to Brigade HQ for lecture on new Slidex Code System.

1230 New Divisional Commander visited Bttn HQ.

1700 Bttn Boxers participated in Boxing Contest, 38 (Irish) Brigade v RAF.

25th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Nos 1 and 11 GHQ Training Teams arrive to lecture battalions and to give discussions and Cloth Model Exercises.

Major Olsen talks to 2 Innisks and 1 RIrF on Air Cooperation.

Lectures given to all officers.

Range allotments to battalions and individual training carried out.

A further list of Honours and Awards for the brigade is published

They are as follows:

6 Innisks

Major EJ Griffiths – MC.

Captain PA Hamilton – MC.

Sgt AT Cowan – MM.

L/Cpl AW Ayre – MM.

Fusilier A Percy – MM.


Major CAF Gibbs – MC.

Major RW Boyd – MC.

Lieut J Gartside (LF) – MC.

2/Lieut HG Montgomerie (RA) – MC.

Cpl N Adams – DCM.

Rfn H Chalmers – DCM.

Sgt G Guild – MM.

Sgt J Barratt – MM.

L/Cpl R Brown – MM.

1 RIrF

Capt JP Phelan (UDF) – MC.

Lieut LM Manson (UDF) – MC.

Sgt C Parke – MM.

Cpl S Patton – MM.

Fusilier J Abel – MM.

Fusilier W Hobden – MM.


Officers entertained the Sergeants in the Officers’ Mess. The party was a success.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

The following immediate awards to 6 Innisks announced:

MC – Captain PA Hamilton.

MM – 4980258 L/Cpl W Ayre, 6350578 Fusilier W Perry.

Captain PJ Long MC and Lieut AH Burton and Advance Party leave for embarkation.


0830 Bttn route march – Route: Camp through Alexandria to Mustapha Barracks returning to Sidi Bishr via the sea front. Dress – Drill order.

1300 Bttn returned to camp.